10th House in a Natal Chart

10th House in a Natal Chart.

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The 10th house is an important house in a natal chart. Usually, it talks of status, career, father’s profession, dignity etc., however, the 10th house will encapsulate many more features.

Following are the features:

Lordship, public esteem, honour, name and fame, power and prestige, credit and conduct, success and status, rank and renown, respect and reputations, ambition and authority, worldly activities and responsibilities.

Permanency promotion, advancement, appointment profession occupation and business, karmashtan, last rights to one’s parents, religious functions, employer, superior, master, judge and the government.

Pilgrimage to holy places, honour from government, honourable living, permanence, pre-eminence, seal of authority, horse riding, athletics, service, sacrifice and the like, agriculture, doctor, name, fame, depositing, treasure, talisman, morality, medicine, thigh, prosperity, adopted son, teaching, intellectual command mantras.

Rain, retirement from the world, one’s valour, prowess learning and fame, substances, taken away by the thieves, judges, stewards, president in the race clubs, aristocracy of the owners of the horses and the trainers, head of the state, national leaders, national trade, father’s self-acquisitions, maraka house to both father and mother permanent possessions or conveyance, of the business, or married partner, pleasurable pursuits of servants, ill health to children, debts incurred by them, litigation, election, danger to younger brother, mother’s opponents, loss and secret inimical activities to one’s elder brother.

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[Disclaimer: These are some of the features of the 10th house. For more detailed analysis, Contact the author]

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