11th House in a Natal Chart

11th House in a Natal Chart.


The 11th house is an important house in a natal chart. In fact, the support of the 11th house is the must in every goodness to be enhanced. Thus the 11th house which mainly stands for gains will see the rise in achievement only with its support.

Following are the features:

House of friends, society community, favorites, flatterers, admires, associate’s advisers, adherents, supporters, well-wishers, close acquaintances, hopes, wishes and aspirations and their realization, success in all undertakings, foreign collaboration, election, litigation, speculation, writings health, profits, incoming wealth.

Principal and interest, pleasure, prosperity, profit, progress in attempts, peace after achievement of aspirations, partnership and permanent tie of friendship, reformative, unconventional activities, the elder brother, cure of the disease, trust.

Left ear, the right foot, the left hand and the two shanks, prosperity and wealth. One’s influence, the eldest brother, paternal uncle, devotion to god, luck easy gains, brother in law, mother’s longevity, the knee, happy news, ministership, dawn of fortune.

Bhadakasthan for persons born in movable signs (Aries, cancer, libra, and Capricorn), knowledge, income, horses, elephants, vehicle, chariots, furniture, ornaments, swinging cradles, decoration, sovereign, money, son-in-law, daughter in law.

Jewels, parliament or equivalent legislative branches, Lok Sabha, the lower house of state assemblies, corporations, municipal bodies, district boards, panchayats.

Government policies and planning, international friendships and exchange of amenities, companies, stores associations, societies, in horse racing the committee under the control of the stewards, number of the winner are shown by this house.

Government loans, electric companies, gas, museum, agriculture, estate, irrigation, silks, hopes and desires, father’s short journeys, gains, through correspondence, birth of a child, health and victory over enemies, Children’s competitors, danger younger brother, long journeys, freedom from misery and pains, discharge from hospitals.

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