12th House in a Natal Chart

12th House in a Natal Chart.


The 12th house is also important in any natal chart, in fact, the 12th house completes the 360 degrees of a zodiac. Therefore, to complete the circle 12th house plays an important role. Usually, 12th house details with losses, foreign land, settlement abroad, crossing the sea, imprisonment in jail etc., however, there are far more aspects to the 12th house in a natal chart. Following are the same.

Following are the features:

Losses and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses, drudgery, and deception.

Purchases, investments, donations, charity and associations with philanthropic institutions, separation from family, going to far away place, sorrow, and sin, sedition, and segmentation, obstacles, and impediments, misery, and misfortune, poverty, and persecution, intrigue, and imprisonment, secret toil of mind.

Fear, inferiority complex, solitude, secret, silent suffering and self-undoing, greatest self-sacrifice, unselfish deeds, seclusion and social barriers, limitations and restrictions, unseen or unexpected troubles.

Secret plots and schemes, conspiracy and cunningness, envy and malice, fraud and treachery, intrigued and deception and suicide, murder or assassination, exile and extradition, secrecy mystery, mediumship, psychic research, occult investigations, scandal, disgrace, and secret sorrows.

Success through occult science, affairs, the invention of chemicals processes, danger from animals, disgrace, laborious occupations, bruises through animals, success in places remote from the place of birth and with large animals. Aid from Charitable institutions, banished persons, malefactors, lost goods, never recoverable goods, long hidden wrath, vile persons reproaches and disobedience, hidden house, hidden side of life, sound sleep etc.,

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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