2018 Astrology Prediction.

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The year 2017 is on the verge of the end and all are eagerly waiting for a new beginning. The year 2018 will bring much of the requires respite to some and little challenges for others.  At the same time, there are surprises, ups and downs for one and all. Astrology is one such topic which provides answers to a mind in quest of answers where Philosophy may not give any guidance.

I am happy to bring the 2018 prediction as readers will benefit from the yearly prediction.

– Aries: The year 2018 will start on a good note. Native will be pleased with the benevolence of time and space. Be it personal or professional life, you will be happy in all walks of your life.

Health, which is precious, will be stable. Newly married, would be expecting a new member in life. Mothers will be happy to receive their newborn. Their health will be resilient.  Post delivery care is a must. Thanks to Lord Jupiter’s aspect to your sign. Constitution of health will be good.

At the career and business front, new opportunities will open their doors. Progress in career front will continue. You will enjoy the magic of golden touch. Add to the benefit, you will open new avenues to earn. Career satisfaction will be high. Good time to consider investing in property. Money flow will be good.

For singles, the year 2018 will prove to be lucky. You will encounter someone special and this will open a blissful movement in life. The one special person whom you were looking for will suddenly come into your life. Marriage is on the cards. Also, love life will blossom for partners in a relationship. If serious then  Marriage cannot be ruled out.

Finally, students of Aries sign will perform very well in competitive exams. Your preparation and hard work will pay you very good returns. Education will be your priority for the whole years of 2018. The outcome will be encouraging.



– Taurus: The years 2018 will start on a sluggish note. Some disappoint and slowdown will be bothersome. You will work hard on all your pending work, but results may not be as per expectation.  Try not to blindly trust anyone. Since Saturn in the 8th house from your sign can reprimand you for being casual. The first three quarters of the year will be taxing. Towards the end of the year, a change in fortune is likely.

Health will need much attention. If any symptoms, then please consult your doctor at the earliest. This will help you form further deterioration. Offer Milk Abhisheka to Lord Shiva on the day of Pradosham. You can expect some respite

Career and business will be slow in the first two quarters. New initiatives need to be evaluated before proceeding. Try to take an expert’s view on all the important decision. You will save your self from falling into any pit. A detailed analysis will be helpful.

For singles, the last quarter of 2018 is looking good. If dating someone then try to avoid personality clash. It can lead to separation. Towards the end of 2018, singles can tie a permanent knot. You will be happy with your relationship.  Elders will also bless you. Newly married will be serious in raising their family in the second half of the year.

Students will have a tough time. If planning to appear for Board or University exams, then your preparation may not be up to the standard. Keep a schedule for learning, as this will prepare better.

– Gemini: The year 2018 will start on an excellent note. Jupiter’s grace on your sign will make you numero uno. Success is assured in all your endeavour. You will feel blessed. Time is auspicious for all new initiatives. You may take decisions accordingly.

Health will be normal. Nothing alarming. In fact, if suffering from any ailment then all your sufferings will come to an end. Jupiter’s grace upon you will be benevolent. Just ensure that your weight does not cross exorbitant levels. Cholesterol or gout problems cannot be ruled out.

New initiatives will be rewarding. If the natal chart is also supportive, then the result will be icing on the cake. Sucess is assured. Career and business will see excellent progress. You can diversify your business, considering the risk factor. Results will be encouraging.

Romance and love will be in the air. Eligible singles will find a suitable partner. If looking for a good alliance, then you will not be disappointed. The transit of Jupiter is very favourable. Support of natal chart will lead to nuptial knot. The year will be memorable.

Students will do very well in competitive exams. University and Board exams performance will be good. Hard work will be more rewarding.  Try to take the support of your mentor as their advice will give you clarity. Achievements will improve.

– Cancer: The year 2018 will be a tough year. Transit of Rahu and Ketu will be taxing. Rahu on your sign and Ketu in the house of opponents will make you fight a lonely battle. All your achievements will be purely out of your own efforts.  You will feel dejected, but the flip side is, you will be the only on to enjoy the reward. The first three quarters will be testing. Keep all new initiatives cold storage. Around the last quarter, you can consider them.

Health will be erratic. Stamina will be low. Rahu in your sign will make you tired. Often headaches cannot be ruled out. Native suffering from depression. They are advised to take regular medicine. Health will be important for the whole of 2018. Consulting your doctor will be a must. Good diet and exercise go without saying.  Do offer Milk Abhishek to Lord Shiva on the day of Pradosham. This will keep you healthy. The last quarters will see your immunity level improving.

Career slow down will bother you. Progress in career may not be as per your expectation. You will be disturbed. But please remember, you have only limited options. Time will not remain constant. As you move towards the end of 2018, your fortune would turn favourable. Until then, please remain patient.

Couples planning to take their relationship to a new level will have to wait. Do not force the matters of the heart by force. Please give some time to your partner. They will be serious about the relationship but will make up their mind only around the end of 2018.

Students will have to pull up their socks. Preparations for higher studies will be below average. If appearing for any board or university exams, then you are advised to burn the midnight oil. Rahu in your sign will lead to poor retention. Only dedication and hard work can defeat the opposition.

– Leo: The year 2018 will be moderate for the native of your sign. You will take one step ahead and then take two steps back. But this will be in the first two quarters only. Later, in the third and the fourth quarter, an ease will prevail. Make sure you are serious about your work. Try not to lose hope. There is no wrath of any planet, but even the grace is missing. The situation improves in the third and fourth quarter. Health will be moderate. Nothing alarming. Try to continue with regular diet and exercise. Only this will keep you afloat.

Take baby steps in the entire 2018. Since this will help you to review the approach that you take. New offers will be limited in the first three quarters. Though from the third quarter it would start picking up, the real change will be in the fourth quarter only. Please remain patient until then.

Until natal chart is supporting marriage, do not press for one.  Since the transit is not on your side. You may not find any good alliance to settle with. The only resolution will be the natal chart. Consult some good astrologer to decide the plan accordingly. Again, if dating your partner, then the entire 2018 advises you to remain careful. Personality clash can lead to separation.

Students will enjoy the reward of their efforts. This is a test of your merit. The more you invest time in learning the better will be the outcome. Please remain focused as you will see the reward gracing you for sure. Try to take help of your mentors. This will improve your performance.

– Virgo: The year2018 will be an excellent year for Virgo native. You will see an ease prevailing in the first three quarters. Achievements will have the golden touch. Divinity will not leave you alone. Jupiter in the second house from your sign will ease the achievements in your life. Stability is assured. Do not lose any time, as the results will be highly encouraging.

Health will be stable. Nothing alarming. If suffered any problem in the past then you will be out of the same. Try not to take any medicine without a prescription. Being health conscious is beneficial. Continue with good diet and exercise. You will feel fit and fine.

Career progress will be excellent. Jupiter’s grace on your sign will continue to bring prosperity. Failures will be less. New initiatives will be beneficial. Success will be assured. Try to associate with like-minded people. This will bring better results. You will stand to benefit interacting with them.

Love and romance will see steady progress. Native who are looking for a suitable alliance will find a good partner. If dating for long, then you can consider a permanent relationship. Newly married can plan to raise their family. If already in the family way, then the process of delivery will be natural and smooth. There is a divine grace to help you.

Students will do well in competitive exams. Keen interest towards learning will improve. Knowledge will expand. Board and University exams preparation will be up to the mark. The only word of caution is not to be overconfident. This can disturb the rhythm.

– Libra: The year 2018 will be excellent for Libra sign. The prolonged confusion, sluggishness, failure which prevailed till last year will come to an end now. A sense of optimism will begin. The first three quarters will be upward moving, but slow. The last quarters will see a sudden change in fortune. Be it personal or professional a rise is certain. You will feel confident.

Healthwise the whole year will be excellent. The only word of caution is overweight. Since Jupiter will transit over your sign and then move to the second, protein and fat intake will increase.  Try to take a balanced intake. Else, joint pains cannot be ruled out.

Career is moving to an excellent phase. The end of Saturn’s sade sathi and the continues support of Jupiter is improving your career steadily. There will be growth and prosperity. You will be happy with the achievements in your career. Visiting Nav-Graha temple every Thursday will add to the career achievements.

Love and romance will move to a new phase. Native who are singles will surely find a suitable partner. If looking for some good alliance, the whole of 2018 is supportive.  Partners who are dating each other will be happy to tie a permanent knot. The year 2018 will be good for marriage and relationship.

Students will do well in all forms of learning. Performance in Competitive exams will be very good. You will be happy with your performance. The year will see many accolades at the academic level. Admission to a premier institute will be easy. Only some efforts will expedite the process.

– Scorpio: The year 2018 will see the end of peak Saturn’s sade sathi. Saturn will be in the last 2.5 years phase. You will be better around this time as Saturn will reward your hard work. Though support of Jupiter will be missing in the first three quarters. Try to be sincere as Saturn will be helpful around this transit. There will be progress in life and a sense of positivity will develop. Towards the end of 2018, you will be in a better position than what you are today. The end of 2018 will blur the effects of Saturn’s last phase of sade sathi.

Health will be better than the previous year. The only caution will be joint pains. Do not undertake any adventurous activities. This will be dangerous. You can invite fracture and related problems. Bed reset cannot be ruled out. It can take time to recover. Otherwise, nothing alarming.

Career growth will be slow. Though there is no obstacle, at the same time support is also limited. You will see improvement in career around the end of 2018. The last quarter will be excellent for any career change. New offers around then cannot be ruled out. If the natal chart is also supportive, then it is like icing on the cake.

Romance and Love will be moderate. Though the transit support of any planet is missing. Still, the support of natal chart sufficient. Partners in a relationship will take time to understand each other. A temporary separation can be avoided. Around the mid of 2018 Compatibility will improve to give you some respite.

2018 will be better for students, but efforts cannot be neglected. You need to work hard.  Slowly performance will see improvement.  Efforts will show good results. Students will be happy with their efforts.


– Sagittarius: The years 2018 will be mixed for your sign. Saturn in your sign and Jupiter in the house of gains will balance the good and bad in the first three quarters. You will see more of positives in the first three quarters and then slowly slip to difficult phase. You will be at the peak of Saturn’s sade sathi around the last quarter of 2018.

Health will need attention throughout. Though Jupiter will help you until the end of the first three quarters. But the last quarter will expose you to serious health ailments if not careful. A complete health check-up will be advisable. Any serious ailment can be alerted well in advance. This will help you to thwart away any danger.

Career-wise growth will be easy in the first three quarters. You will see progress due to hard work. Time will be supportive of new expansions. Change of job is investable but, you are advised to check the career prospects first and then decide accordingly. Else you can regret your decision later.

Love and romance will be steady in the initial months. Newly married will be happy to spend time with their spouse. Only advise is do not lose your temper towards the end of the year 2018. Since Saturn’s sade sathi will again peak. Making you remain in a low profile. The difference can be high then.

Students will do well. If appearing for board or university exam, then support transit planets is very good.  You will be blessed with good grades. Though hard work should not be compromised. Make sure you take the help of your mentor where every needed.

– Capricorn: The year 2018 will be the toughest for the native of your sign. Rahu and Ketu transit over your sign and aspecting. Also, Saturn’s first phase of Saturn’s sade sathi will be a very demanding phase. You will have to be careful in the entire 2018. Some grace can be expected around quarter four when Jupiter will support your sign.

Health will need attention for the whole of 2018. You will be prone to allergy. Viral infection cannot be ruled out. A Complete medical check-up will turn out to be beneficial. Since this will help you to identify any problem at the earliest. Do not experiment with medicines. Consult a doctor before it is too late.

Career and growth will see much of a slowdown. Native planning to start a business can put a halt on their plans. Since Ketu in your sign and Rahu in the house of opponents will mislead you. Please avoid joint ventures, you can be deceived for sure.

Married couples will have much of the ego problems to blame. Please keep your ego at bay. Separation cannot be ruled out if not cautious. Seek counselling assistance if necessary. If untenable then speak to the elders for better compatibility. They would be of some help to you.

Students are advised to prepare very well. Since chances of underperformance are very high. Avoid leniency. If the natal chart is also not supportive, then problems cannot be ruled out. Take the help of your mentors and please be genuine. Shortcuts will only harm you.

 Acquires: The year 2018 is the luckiest for the native of Acquires sign. The first three quarters will be highly supportive. Jupiter in the house of luck and Saturn, the sign lord in the house of gains, will only bestow benevolence. You will experience an ease in the whole of 2018. More so in the first three quarters.

Health will be stable. The whole of 2018 will make you eat good food and maintain a healthy schedule. The only caution is to control the intake of protein and fats. Overweight will be a major concern. Else, your health will be robust.

Progress in career will continue. You will be on the upward trajectory. There will be new opportunities within and outside your organization. Take the help of your close associates to evaluate. You will be surprised looking at the work opportunities which will keep you engaged. The year will be remembered for many achievements.

Married couples are sure to lead a happy life. Newly married can plan to raise a family. Time is auspicious. The whole of 2018 is supportive to receive a new member into the family. The new member will bring happiness and prosperity.

Students will do very well in all forms of competitive exams. This will help you to accomplish the admission to the desired institute.  If appearing any board or University exams, then you are sure outperformance others. You will be focused and shall leave no stone unturned.


– Pisces: The years 2018 will be mixed for the native of Pisces moon sing. Sign lord Jupiter is transiting through the 8th house. obstacles will increase. Again, Saturn transiting through the 10th house will add to the obstacles. You will see a rise in the first three quarters. Slowly it would reduce as your sign lord will move to the 9th house of luck and fortune. Stability will then follow.

Health will be average. You will find some hidden ailment developing. Please do a complete medical check-up. Since early detection will help you. Else, you can suffer prolonged ailment. The respite will be seen only once Jupiter moves to the house of luck and fortune. Make sure you are not lenient.

Career growth will be average. Work pressure will be high. Promotion can see chances of slow down and you can be put under performance review. But, once Jupiter will start helping you around quarter four, respite can be enjoyed. You will feel a betterment in life.

Marriage proposals will come through around the end of 2018. You will find some good alliance knocking the door. Matchmaking is advised since this will pave the way for a happy living. Once favourable, then you can proceed to lead a happy married life.

Students will lack confidence. But your mentors will hold your hands until you clear the test. Your performance will need some hard work. Do follow a schedule to prepare and this will do wonders. If planning for higher studies, then towards the end 2018, is a good time to seek admission in prestigious institutes.

Good luck!

[Disclaimer: The above prediction is moon sign based and any conclusion to be formed only after analysing every individual horoscope]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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