How to Identify Real Gemstones?

How to Identify Real Gemstones?

Real Gemstone

Gemstone has been associated with astrology right since its inception. In fact, in astrology the Nine planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. These nine planets have a connection with Gemstones too. In fact, in gemology, each of these planets has a role to play. There are nine gemstones, individually, representing the above nine planets. When any of the nine planets need to be strengthened, then the gemstone representing the respective plant should be worn. This is an ideal astrological solution. Thus, the gem must be worn either in the form of a ring stone or in the form of a pendant. Again, there is a certain gemstone which should be embedded only in gold and the rest can be either in gold plated alloy or sometimes in silver.

For wearing an appropriate gemstone, a native must consult a learned and expert astrologer. In this, a learned and experienced astrologer will examine the horoscope or the Kundli of the native in detailed. Post which, an appropriate gemstone or a group of gemstones with proper weight and shape should be worn by the native.

Now, how to check if a gemstone is real/natural or artificially treated stone. Since each of these gemstones is processed well before they are given a final shape and size. In that process, there is a chance that a particular Gemstone can be artificially treated. Is there any common method to differentiate this?   There are certainly some Do-It-Yourself (DIY), methods which can help the native to do primarily differentiate an artificially craved stone with that of a real one.

One such method is as follows is checking the weight of the genuine stone. For example, it is said that any Sapphire should be at lead 4 times heavier than water. Now, in a layman’s sense, this can be tested by dipping a gemstone in a container filled with water. If the Gemstone is real then it must submerge in the container at the earliest. If artificially treated, then it should float in the water. Or one can see water remains inside the stone when removed from the container. These are some of the basic techniques to identify the genuinity of a gemstone.

However, these methods are not always full proof. Many a time, it so happens that a human being has synthetically created a look-alike gemstone. These are done under controlled laboratory conditions which can deceive a necked eye. It is said that it takes millions and millions of years to form a real gemstone under natural and uncontrolled conditions. But it may take only a few hours under controlled conditions for a native to give form to an artificially made gemstone. These treatments are given to artificially enhance the appearance and the color of the gemstone. Once this is done, the gemstone will appeal to the audience and will tempt the native to purchase it further. Thus, it can be highly deceiving.

Many a time it so happens, that a native, is tempted to wear a wrong gemstone. Even this is a matter to be worried about. Hence, it is always advisable to consult with a learned and expert astrologer only. This will improve the chance of not being deceived by anyone. Again, an expert and learned astrologer will always help a native to select the right gemstone. This will give them the right guidance to take the appropriate call.


[Disclimer: The above readings is based on Moon sign in general. For a specific consultation, one would have to check the Mahadasha, Antradasah, and transit of other planets. For readers who do not know their nakshatra or moon sign can click the link here Rashi and Nakshatra. Also to know more on a specific query, readers can Contact the author for personal email or Skype consultation]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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