3rd house in a Natal Chart

3rd house in a Natal Chart:


3rd house is important in a natal chart. Usually, it includes, Mental inclination, speech, ability, memory, intellect, the inclination to study, courage. However, the 3rd house deals with more details.

Following are the features:

Firmness, valour, prowess and heroism, younger brother or sister, cousins, kindred, casual acquaintance, neighbour, short travel, cycle, bus, tram or railway, correspondence, paper writing, accounting, mathematics, communication, post office, letter boxes, telephone, telegraph, television, signals, mediator, messenger, publicity offer, reporter, editor, journalist, information officer, bargain, signature, signing contracts or agreements, rumours.

Hands, throats, shoulders, blade, collar bone, arms, and nervous system.

Eating unhygienic food, the partition of property, female servant, edible roots and fruits.

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Disclaimer: These are some of the features of the 3rd house. For more detailed analysis, contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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