5th House in a Natal chart.

5th House in a Natal chart.


5th house is an important house in a natal chart. Usually, dealing with Creativity, progeny, speculation, pleasure etc., However, there are many more facets of the 5th house in a natal chart.

Following are the features:

 Inclination, society, tastes, and fancies, artistic talents and gains, to wife or business partner’s luck, recreation, entertainment, amusement, sports, romance, similar interest, games, cinema, opera, drama, music, dance, banquets, merriment, and amusements. Cards, crosswords puzzles, dice, horse, shares, lottery, gambling or betting and stock exchange, love affairs, courtship and licentiousness, kidnap, rape, envoys, ambassadors, good morals, mechanical art, discretion, discrimination between virtue and sin, chanting of Vedic hymns, religious mindedness, profound learning and wisdom, enormous riches, festive occasion, intense satisfaction, liaisons with courtesans, chanting of mantras and spiritual practice.

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[Disclaimer: These are some of the features of the 5th house. For more detailed analysis, Contact the auther]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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