8th House in a Natal Chart

8th House in a Natal Chart.


8th house is an important house in a natal chart. Usually, it talks of death, incessant obstacles, in-laws etc., However, there are many facets of the 8th house are covered in the following article. 8th house will have special mentions, as usually it is believed to be a house of trouble. However:

Following are the features:

Longevity or span of life, house of death, inheritance, legacies, wills, Insurance, gratuity, discretion, death- natural and unnatural, drowning, fire, accident and suicide, mystery and misery, misfortune, sorrow and strife, worries and privations, delay and dejection, disappointment and defeat, loss and obstruction, blame and ill-repute, accident or serious accident, danger from enemies, wrong actions, crossing river, theft, robbery, siege of a fort, fighting, dowry, unearned wealth, share and profits.

Surgeon, medical officers, health inspectors, slaughterhouses, butchers, corners, public mortality, infection, flood, fire, famines, diseases, earthquakes, national calamity or grief, financial relation with foreign countries, surrender or loss, territory of another country, public loans, debts and interest rates, deficit budgets, estate duties and public sales, insurance money of the deceased, difficulties in journey, sufferings caused by enemies, corruption, mother may gain by way of lottery, prize bond in speculation.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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