9th House in a Natal Chart

9th House in a Natal Chart.


9th house is an important house in a natal chart. Usually, it talks of long-distance travel, religious beliefs, divinity etc., however, the 9th house encapsulates beyond what is mentioned above.

Following are the features:

Faith and worship, luck and fortune, long-distance travel, philosophy, religious and philosophical beliefs, devoted and orthodox belief, methodical meditation, intuition and forethought temples, churches, mosques, spiritual welfare, pilgrimage to holy places, circular reservoirs, sacrifice and charity, research, invention, discovery, exploration, the father-spiritual preceptor of Guru to the children, Law, legal arbitration, teaching dharma, dreams and visions, communication with spirits, sea voyage, air travel.

Publishing books of intrinsic value, international affairs, reverence and devotion to God, import and export of a nation, Universities, science, emigration and immigration, national trade, long-distance communication, cables, and wires.

Charity, visits to holy places, Vedic sacrifice, purity of mind, penance, good conduct, mythology, horses, elephants, buffaloes, coronation hall, circulation of money.

Wells, Lakes, tanks, water-sheds, temples, monetary vows, pilgrimage, short travels of the wife, servants vehicle and landed property,   younger brother’s wife, mother’s illness, friends to the elder brother, child’s speculative benefits and pleasures.

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[Disclaimer: These are some of the features of the 9th house. For more detailed analysis, Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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