Acquarius – June 2018 Astrology Prediction


Free Monthly Prediction for June 2018  Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi.


Transit of planet for the month of June 2018.

– 09-06 – 2018  Venus Cancer

– 10-06 – 2018  Mercury Gemini

– 15-06 – 2018  Sun Gemini

– 25-06 – 2018  Mercury Cancer

*Major transits are:

– Jupiter in Libra.

– Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn.

– Saturn in Sagittarius.


June is a special month for Acquirus. With good health and better living, you will be happy with the achievements during the current month. Some special instances can make you very happy. Though the only advise is to shun your ego and arrogance. This will reduce the positivity during the month. The best part will be in the second half of the month. When your children will give you much solace which will impress you completely.


Financially you will be happy with the flow of money. Some of you will plant to invest in real east. This will add to your portfolio. You will also earn through rent income. Therefore, make the most of it. Only advise is that you should not be disinterested with your routine work. This will affect your overall achievement for the month. If planning to set up your own business, then the month is good. Only advise is do not over expand the activities.


Sends will be high though you will not realise this initially. Make sure you do not over spend on areas which will not help you to recover any return. If planning to invest in stocks and shares, then make sure you go long with your investments. This will help you to reap the benefits for better returns. The outcome will be excellent.

Love/Marriage and Romance:

Partners will be happy with each other. Married couples will spend some good time during this month. But, silly arguments should not be given any space. This will lead to ego fights for no results. As Mercury would progress to the house of romance, you will see much improvement in romance and mutual affection. Overall it would be a good month for married couples and native dating each other for long.


Blue is your colour for this month. Usage of them will be very rewarding.

Dates to be caution:

26th , 27th and 28th  of June 2018.

[Disclimer: The above prediction is in general and for personal reading, please Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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