Akash Ambani, the Wedding boy

Akash Ambani, the Wedding boy.


The Ambani’s are not new to anyone in India. So, a wedding in their family can certainly envy others. However, not all are destined. Though destiny is not common all, yes what is written in destiny is read through the Natal chart or horoscope, with the help of astrology.

Thankfully the ancient science of astrology has been successful in helping one and all to give a direction of their future.

Thus, we at Vedicatoservice.com decided to analyse the natal chart of Aksha Ambani and give an analysis. Akash Ambani, son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, needs no introduction. He is the eldest among his siblings. We maintain our standard disclaimer, that we do not intend to support or oppose any individual. All our analysis is purely astrological. Based on the following, please find the birth details below.

Date of Birth: 23rd October 1991.

Place of Birth: 00:00:00

Time of Birth: Mumbai.

Source: Online Astrology Website.








Saturn Jupiter,


Rahu Mercury



From the above chart, Aksha is of Cancer Ascendant and of Pisces Moon sign. The nakshatra is that of Revati. Thus, he is of Brahmin ascendant. Now, let us analyze the natal chart.

From the above chart, Aksha is blessed with Panch-Maha-Purusha yoga: Shash yoga (Saturn in Kendra from ascendant). Also, the good point in his natal chart is the 2nd house. Which is for income and speech. He would be a mand of Words. He shall never speak lie and shall be quite genuine in his word.

Presently he is in the Mahadasha of Venus and Antradasha Saturn. Venus Mahadasha is till 2023. Venus Mahadahsa is very auspicious to Aksha Ambani. Now, Saturn is in the 7th house and hence his timing is perfect to marry till June 2019. Therefore, his timing is perfect to get married. After Saturn Antara Dasha, he would be in Mercury Antradasha.

In fact, during the Antara Dasha of Mercury, he would take many wise business decisions and this would leave a new mark in his life. This Antara Dasha of Mercury will last till April 2022. Therefore, this will be one of the best phases of his career. Post this phase, Aksha will have to be careful of his health. Since Ketu Dasha from 2022 till 2023 can even hospitalize him. This can also be a reason for poor decision making in business. Therefore, he would some care and attention which would be needed.

[Disclaimer: Readers are advised to consult the astrologer and then wear the ring recommended]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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