April 2019 Astrology Prediction

Vedicastroservice.com is back with the Moon sign predictions for the month of April 2019. For the past few months, the predictions have been liked by many and we are great full to receive your feedback on the same.

Once again, we bring to you the monthly prediction, for all the 12-zodiac sign. We would like to remind our readers, that these predictions are based on Moon sign.

In case, you do not know your moon sign and Nakshatra, then please click on the link.

A brief position of the transit of planets in April 2019 is mentioned below:

Jupiter: In Sagittarius until 24th April 2019 and then back into Scorpio moon sign.

Saturn: Will remain in Sagittarius throughout the month.

Rahu in Geminin and Ketu in Sagittarius.

Sun in Pisces until 14th April and then into Aries sign.

Mercury in Aquarius until 12th April and then in Pisces for the rest of the month.



For Aries Moon sign, the vibrancy infused into you by Mars last month energized you completely. But for the first half of the month, you would experience a lull period with much confusion. But in the 2nd half of the month, this dynamic would change in your favor.

Career and Finance wise, the start of the month would be slow. You would feel unhappy with your achievements. Even increment of promotions that were promised may be delayed. But yes, this would turn 360 degrees after 14th April, just to be benevolent for the rest of the month.

Students appearing for any competitive test after 14th April would do well. Especially appearing for any exams conducted by UPSC o SPSC. Just leave no stone unturned.



A month to travel abroad. Those planning to visit a foreign destination would see their dream come true. But this should also be supported by their natal chart. The genuine support of Mars and Sun will open the door for many of you in this month.

Career and finance will see a rise in gains. New opportunities will come up. Changes are high for those living abroad to return to their homeland, but this would not pause your career rise. Temporary adjustments would be needed.

Just relax. Students pursuing research would enjoy a good breakthrough. This would also enable you to find a new mentor to take the research further. Seek their blessing to complete the research study at the earliest.



The month of April 2019 would be challenging. With Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn in conjunction, the month would lead to various impediments in life. At the onset, if you can perform a Nav-Graha Shanti at home, then the wrath of Nav-Graha can be controlled.

Career and Finance will be challenging throughout the month. Please refrain from any form of experiments. This would not be helpful. Those working abroad may be asked to return to their homeland. Please consult a good astrologer in that case as this would need special remedies.

Education wise, students would underperform in most of the parameters. The conjunction of Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn is creating many challenges. Some of you would even contemplate not to appear for an exam. This can be at the penultimate movement. Please avoid being rash in decision making.



For Cancer native, the month of April would be full of opportunities. Right since the start of the month, what you desired will easily come to you. In fact, this would augment after 14th April 2019. Encash these movements as they would leave you quite content throughout the month.

Career and Finance wise, the month would see much rise in status. Even financially you would get what you want. Overall the month would provide you many achievements. Please maintain the goodness of your achievements. Throughout the month, you would be in a better position.

Education wise, the month would see much rise in performance. Please do not be lenient due to overconfidence. This would hurt you the most. Pay attention to your mentors to improve your minor mistakes, rewards would be excellent.



April 2019 would give you some direction in life. For the past few months, some of you would have been struggling to find a motive in life. But this month would see a change at the moment. You would progress in all walks of life now.

Career and Finance will see a rise. If into business, expansion is likely. Career would see a rise. This would be due to meticulous planning and timely execution. Please seek the help of your Seniors and Peers. They would advise you wisely. This would lead to more respect.

Students pursuing higher studies would do well. But yes, this would demand to burn the midnight oil. Especially if planning to seek admission in a foreign country. The reward would be quite impressive.



April 2019 would bring mixed results. There can be ups and downs. The conjunction of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Jupiter until the first half will be challenging. There can be many problems which would not let you settle down easily. Please remain balanced until then.

Career and Finance wise, you would see some problems. Some of you can be punished with temporary suspension. Especially if into government services. This can be embarrassing. Please avoid being less experimental. Please visit Nav-Graha temple every Thursday and Saturday. This is to please lord Jupiter and Saturn, respectively.

Education wise, students would lack interest. There can be poor performance, which would be embarrassing. Please avoid being lenient. Hard work would not go in vain. If need be, please take additional coaching to improve performance.



With the advance movement of Jupiter, to the house of courage. You would plan to experiment. This would be dangerous. Just remain calm until 24th April 2019. Post which the support of Jupiter would continue. This would also be the month where Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn can be severe upon your sign initially.

Career and Finance will see some slowdown But, this would not be serious and severe. Just allow the time to settle down. Beyond 20th April 2019, new opportunities coming your way easily. But until then please remain patient. Your temperament will be key to fetch a good opportunity in hand.

Academically you would have done well in the past. Positive results would be seen then. Eventually, you would remain content with the performance.



April 2019 will be a special month for Scorpio native. Since, this is the month, where you would see a sudden rise in career and financial status. This would also be the month where many of your gains would be in the front line. This would make you quite surprised.

Career and Finance and Money management would be very good. This would make you quite content. As many of your achievements would successfully complete in the month of April 2019. Just keep visiting the temple and this would make it easy for your life.

For students, the month of April 2019 would be quite satisfactory. Your preparation would be quite happy. Just make it a point, you prepare as much as you can. The results would be positive. Efforts would not go in vain.



The month of April 2019 will be difficult for Sagittarius native. Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn will not make your life be easy. Therefore, you would need the required attention. The trio would also make your life a little difficult. If possible, please chant Nav-Graha Gayatri, daily.

Career-wise, some of you can lose their regular job. This can be alarming. Please maintain a low profile. Since this would make your life easy. Also, even financial gains, will not be easy. Losses will be high. This would be worrisome. Please control your finances for a better future.

With poor preparation until now, Students would find it difficult to manage their upcoming academic learning. Therefore, please maintain a focused approach. The more you would work hard, the better would be its outcome.



The start of the month would see the wrath of Saturn and Ketu. Therefore, this would pull your confidence down, but will not be very serious. Though, till the end of the month, this would take a back seat. Please maintain a low profile, but time would be in your favor soon.

Career and Finance wise the month would not be great. But this would not be disappointing. If planning to start any business, then you are advised to hold it till 26th April 2019. Until then Jupiter would not be favorable. Please consult a learned astrologer to get the best dates. This would financially help you.

Students would not be great in performance. Somewhere there would be a shortcoming. Education and learning wise, you would need to work hard and this would help you.



April 2019 will suddenly bring you in the limelight. This would be rewarding. Therefore, make no mistake, this would improve your achievements. Since Jupiter‘s advance movement in the house of gains would be quite rewarding. The month would be special in all facets.

Finance wise, those awaiting an increment would see the rise. This would elevate their financial position. April would see a rise in income, but this would be subject to the support of the Natal Chart. This would bring some improvement in overall gains.

Students would need to work hard. Though initially, the results would be quite good. Students appearing for professional exams such as CA, ICWA, CS, will do well. But yes, they would need to burn the midnight oil. This would create improvement in performance.



For Pisces, the month of April 2019 will be quite challenging. Though this would be temporary. You would not be blessed with good luck, Please, maintain patience. Since the advanced Jupiter in the house of career will be supportive. So, make sure you gain the max in this month.

Career will see a rise in the month. Especially those in the field of teaching and mentorship. This would provide you a high degree of respect as the month would be quite supportive. There shall be a rise in Finance due to a rise in your career during April 2019.

Students would do well. Those pursuing Management would get a quiet break to pursue an internship. This would also provide wise exposure in the various field of Management activities. Make the most of it around this month.

[Disaclimer: The above is a mere moon based prediction. To get a detailed or personalized analysis, you are advised to Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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