Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

Astrology and Divorce in astrology.

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Marriage is considered to be a Union ship between two Individuals, Man and a Women. It is seen when the duo reaches the age of adulthood, they decide to get along with each other and plan to settle in a mutual relationship of love, romance, and nuptial knot. Usually, in India, when an arranged marriage takes place, the prospective bride and groom’s horoscope are matched for mutual companionship. If the horoscope of the duo would match, then they would lead a happy married life. This has been the belief for ages.

However, in certain cases, this is not the pre-norm. Which means, the nuptial know is purely out of love and mutual understanding. But, is it love or infatuation. One can always debate this angle. But the duo decides to marry each other after the initial courtship which they term it as love or romance.

Now, it has been seen, some of the marriage relationships are not long lasting. So, are we blaming love marriage, the sole reason, for any divorce or separation? No, not really. It is into a norm that all love marriage would lead to some kind of legal separation. Sometimes this legal separation can be brutal and time-consuming.

But the disastrous ending can be avoided otherwise through a proper horoscope match making process. Though a separation in any married life is a painful exercise to be endured. In fact, the bride and the groom try their best to endure and try to get going in their relationship. If unresolvable then they decide to take the extreme step to legally separate and end their relationship.

Some of the reasons for Divorce can be as follows:

  • Lack of mutual love, trust, and respect. This is a very common problem which if not addressed then can lead to permanent separation.
  • Emotional quotient may not match up. This is another reason where natives do not love each other and lead to problems and divorce.
  • Poor sexual life or physical compatibility. To further a married relationship physical intercourse is a must. As this would lead to progeny which will lead to family expansion.
  • Financial prosperity is missing. No doubt physical and emotional quotient is a must for a successful marriage. However, one cannot lead a life without Money. If this aspect is missing, then to one would see divorce as an outcome.
  • The other common problems these days has been an extra-marital relationship. Due to lack of time between the husband and wife, the new age problem has been of extra-marital problem.

So, the list of problems can be listed in all forms of possibility. But the true solutions do not lie in listing these problems. The ideal solution has been to find out what causes these problems of divorce or legal separation and then suggest any remedy if possible. If no remedy exists, then do not proceed at all with the relationship.

It is here that astrology plays a very important role in helping mankind.

For e.g: If a native suffers from Mangal Dosha, then an appropriate remedy should be suggested to them after analyzing in detailed their horoscope. Mangal dosh, if not given appropriate remedy then can lead to Divorce.

Some other astrological combination which can lead to divorce is that of placement of Planet Sun in the 7th house from Ascendant or Moon sign. This can lead to very serious legal battle and divorce is certain. Here too appropriate remedy is needed before solemnizing marriage between a man and women.

Rahu and Ketu can also lead to separation. In fact, if Rahu is placed in the Moon sign or ascendant can make the native suffer from infatuation. These natives are one who easily falls for others and sees constant problems in the relationship and ends up divorcing many a time. This is one reason that gives space to the debate: is seen that is Love genuine or mere Infatuation. Here too, one would need a remedy before considering a marriage proposal. So, here match-making is the only solution as various other aspects of Rahu and Ketu will have to be analyzed before deciding an appropriate match.

One more common problems are the placement of Saturn in the ascendant, moon sign or in the 7th house form these places. Here again, one would need to match the horoscope of two natives suffering from similar problems. As two negative’s can lead to one positive, the ideal is always to match the horoscopes in such cases.

Therefore, astrology always comes handy to help a native in analyzing the prospects of their married life. Hence the age-old practice still exists in India, where the horoscope of the two native’s, Visa Viz: prospective bride and groom, are matched, astrologically.

[Disclaimer: The above is astrological guidance and not advised for self-practice. To reach out to any consultation, a request to Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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