Birthday Number 9

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As astrology is an ancient science which predicts an individual’s future based on horoscope and chart readings, numerology is also an ancient science, may be as old as astrology, and helps one to predict and give an understanding about their future.

Numerology helps individuals to tied over difficult times and reap maximum benefits during good times. believes in the power and science of both astrology and numerology and combining the two into Astro-Numerology. Astro-Numerology will be the combination of nine (1 to 9) numeric numbers and the planets associated with them. This will give you the general prediction for 2018.  As has already posted the numerology predictions for 2018, this will aid the readings further.

Astro-Numerology works best when the numeric value of your name and birthday number would match. So why should not one take the benefits of this thousand-years old science?

One can use numerology to help them in Christening (naming) the new-born the science of numerology to name their Business or Enterprise, even selecting a suitable email ID or date for auspicious work etc.,. These are part of a personal consultation and you can leave me a message in the contact option.

Birthday number 9:

Number 9 is ruled by Mars. Those born on the dates of 9, 18 and 27th of any month will find the following characteristics. In Astro-Numerology, 9 signifies Mars. Thus, if number 9 or Mars is very strong in one’s horoscope, native will be competent in the areas of running Oil Products, Chemicals, gold, copper, vessels, business, relating to engineering items, real estate, steel vessels, iron, product etc. Native are also successful as Army and Police officers, Security and Vigilance fields.

Mars from space


Mars also signifies valour and courage. Especially those into sports and athletics will do very well if Mars is exalted in the individual horoscope of very prominent in date of birth. Thus, Mars plays a very important role in individual life. Also, those born in the above-mentioned date indicate the personality mentioned herewith.

In the field of education, they are suable are: Civil Engineering, Surgery, Physics as main subjects.

The lucky colours for them have been:  Red and Dark Red.

2018 Prediction for Number 9:

The year 2018 will be below average to native born in the number 9. Your confidence will see a hit. If planning to start anything new, then the year 2018 will not bring desired results. Expenses will be high. No big plans as you will see obstacles and defeat around this time. If a native is running Mars Mahadasha and Mars is not well placed in the natal chart then hardships will increase. If you are in the age of 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th 54th and 63rd age, then 2018 will be a tough year for you.  Make sure that you evaluate every step, since, you can regret the outcome, eventually. Students appearing for board exams are advised to be more careful.


[Disclimer: The above reading is purely Numerological. Readers are advised to check theirs before concluding anything]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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