Brexit and the future of United Kingdom

Brexit Means Brexit – “British P.M Theresa May”

Brexit is the popular term used for the withdrawal of United Kingdom (U.K) from the European Union.  For years the United Kingdom has been mulling over the withdrawal of its memberships from the European Union, mainly due to the pressure from the common man. After much deliberation, the then Prime Minister David Cameron called for a referendum on 23rd June 2016, and contrary to the perception of the political class, the majority voted to step out of its membership from the European Union.

David Camaron


It came as a shock to the then government of the United Kingdom and to the entire political circle, worldwide including India,. Brexit had finally happened. Since the referendum, the United Kingdom has been seeing much of political uncertainty. The then Prime Minister David Cameron had to resign. Soon, Ms. Theresa May was announced as the Prime Minister and she continues to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Later much flip-flop happened when her cabinet ministers. went overboard to communicate to the media about the settlement bill. The quantum was unimaginable and no official communique was issued. No one knows to date what will be the settlement amount. New trade laws and negotiation with the European Union and other countries are yet to happen. Again, internally, Scotland and Northern Ireland want another referendum to reunite with the European Union, even if that be at the cost of breaking away from the United Kingdom. There is yet to be clarity on how the United Kingdom government is about to handle the entire process and settlement bill.

Theresa May


Also, the immigrants from Europe and other countries to the United Kingdom has accelerated the rage of Brexitiers. There is a resentment that immigrants are taking away their local jobs. Both Blue and White Collared. Therefore, the topic of Brexit is an interesting case for horoscope analysis.

Let us see from the astrological point of view, how would the United Kingdom stand in world political affairs and how will be the demand of Brexit would end up.












United Kingdom

Rashi Chart













Asc, Ketu

United Kingdom (UK) was formed around 1st of January 1801. With over 2 centuries of its existence, it is believed that U.K is presently running Moon main period and Rahu sub period At the time of Brexit, it should have been running Moon main period and Mars sub-period. Mars is placed in the 8th house and hence Brexit had to become a reality. Again, Since Rahu is placed in the 7th house from the ascendant, the entire country is confused about the implementation of Brexit. 7th house represents the mass and Rahu’s placement in the 7th house means illusion. The people have been influenced out of emotions and not on economic facts that led to Brexit. Considering the present transit of planets, Saturn is transiting through the 7th house from Moon. Which means, the native, in this case, U.K, will have multiple problems to deal with Brexit. Unfortunately, the solution may not be easy. Presently Jupiter’s aspect is seen on the natal moon would help U.K to remain confident until the middle of October 2018. Post which, U.K will have to face multiple issues to resolve Brexit related problems. Around the month of March 2019, Rahu would move to the natal moon which means, more problems for the people living in the U.K. Confusion will be high. Trade block negotiations can be stalled. Border disputes with Northern Ireland cannot be ruled out. There can be one more referendum to seek allegiance to stand united as one nation. But the outcome may not be as desired. There will be more political instability in the U.K. Further, an amicable solution will be a remote possibility.

Around this phase, all the foreign immigrant will have a tough time. Their stay in the U.K may become more difficult. Some of them would wind up for good. India too will see a rise of Individuals returning to their homeland. Economic instability in U.K will add to worry to the whole of Europe. Though the impact will be severe in U.K.

With this, all that we can do is to offer our prayers to the almighty and help Brexitiers and the government of the United Kingdom to help them to come out of this chaotic situation, with ease.


[Disclaimer: The readings are purely astrological. Based on the chart details of U.K from the Internet, the readings above has been provided. Readers are advised to check their Individual horoscope analysis too and can contact the author of the domain]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....