Brexit: Deal or no deal?

Brexit: deal or no deal?


The first news that one having their skin in international business would seek daily is the probable outcome of a Brexit deal. But sadly, off later, they have been forced to believe that there would be no deal between the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). This is turning out to be true as the UK is heading to its deadline of 29th March 2019. This is the last date within which the UK must negotiate a deal with the EU and come out of the trading bloc. Failing which, there is speculation that the UK and EU would engage with each other as per WTO trading rule. If true, will this be mutually beneficial? In this scenario, the question is what could be the possible outcome? Will there be a deal or no deal at all.

We at and tried out our best to find answers through the prism of Vedic astrology. We carefully evaluated, the possible outcome and have pieced the same below for the benefit of the readers.

Rahu Mars Moon
Natal Chart

1st January 1801


Venus Saturn
Sun Mercury Asc, Ketu

The above chart is of the UK and shall be used for all practical purpose in this analysis. Now, considering the present time, the UK is under the Dhaya (2.5years) of Saturn in Sagittarius sign or 7th house from its Moon sign. Which means, they would undergo many hardships during the present time. This transit of Saturn started from November 2015 and hence, if one would analyze the referendum on 23rd June 2016, was a disastrous decision by the UK to leave EU. Since Saturn in the 7th house form, the Moon and 4th to the ascendant Virgo made it a very unpleasant situation for the entire country. This hardship of UK has just got serious and the early they realize and take corrective measures the better would be its outcome.

So, does one see some respite soon? Then the answer may not be soothing to ones hears. Since the transit of Saturn is about to stay in Sagittarius for the entire year 2019. Add to the worries would be the upcoming transit of Rahu (North node) and Ketu (South Node) on 6th March 2019.  This would add to more worries as Rahu would move to the Moon sign in the natal chart of UK and Ketu will conjoin with Saturn in Sagittarius. There is a high chance, that the ruling dispensation would firm in their decisions of not calling for another referendum. Which means the UK would have to negotiate wisely, by giving more than getting anything in return. This transit of Rahu and Ketu also indicates, that there shall be a total non-cooperation form EU towards the UK as the latter would be in an advantageous position. Therefore, UK leaders must evaluate every option and then inform their people of the possible pitfalls that the UK may have to undergo once out of the trading block.

There would be a difference of opinion between the Conservative and Democrat parties. Thus, adding more fuel to the ongoing feud between the UK and the EU. This can also be the reason for no deal between the EU and the UK, thereby adding to more problems within their relationship. There is also a possibility that PM Theresa May; would find it difficult to continue in her capacity after March 2019.

So, will there by a WTO deal?

This may be the cause of worry, as in the interim; UK and EU would engage between each other as per WTO guidelines. Which means, no deal as soon as one enters the post Brexit phase. In that case, will this be sustainable?

Then the answer is no! Not at least for the first 4-5 months after the deadline date. However, towards the beginning of June 2019, one can hear the revival of talks between the UK and EU whereby some formal working deal will be reached between the two sides. One may not be surprised, where UK would also contemplate in getting back to the trading bloc EU. Though only time would tell if they would reconsider joining the bloc, however, presently in the year 2019 is looks highly unlikely.

Thus, the early UK decides to join hands and work closely with the EU, the better would be the outcome. This would be more beneficial to the UK than to the EU, as it is clear from the Natal chart of EU. Hence it be would be ideal for the UK to get into an agreement with the EU to avoid any chaos after Brexit deadline.

[Disclaimer: The above is astrological guidance. Readers who believe in astrology are welcome to seek clarity or consultation. Please  Contact the author for the same]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....