Brexit: What next for P.M Theresa May?

Brexit: What next for P.M Theresa May?

Theresa May

Two days ago on, 15th January 2019, was one of the historic loss on the Brexit deal voting in Westminster, U.K, leading to uncertainty of even the Theresa May’s government continuing their work in the office. As the leader of the opposition, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn moved a motion of non-confidence against the government.

Thankfully, the stars were in favor of Prime Minister Theresa May on 16th January 2019, when a debate took place, following with the favorable voting, supporting the P.M Theresa May and her Party continuing with the office affairs. But as usual, Brexit: What next for PM Theresa May? Is the question which is bothering the whole world, including the Business in the U.K and in E.U. So, is there anything to expect on the set date?

As per the News reports, it is believed that P.M May, would appear in the Parliament on 21st January 2019, with a new approach and plan. She has promised in the Parliament, that she would involve all the stakeholders, including the opposition in the house of commons, headed by Mr. Jeremy Corbyn to find a pathway in getting an ideal Brexit deal.

Jeremy Corbyn

With her statement, the Industry and business are looking for a silver lining in the dark clouds and hoping to find a way during the troubled times in Brexit. At this Juncture, we tried to analyze the possible outcome on 21st January 2019 or the series of possible outcome in any fresh negotiations within the U.K parliament. Having said that, we tried to analyze the possible outcome using the help of Panchang. As one would know, Rome was not built in one day, similarly, the parliament negotiations in Brexit will not be a single day effort. However, we believe a good start can expedite a positive outcome and this would give a win-win situation to one and all involved in the Brexit deal.

Let us look at the Panchang of 21st January 2019, with Place as London. This is the Day when PM Theresa May has made the promise to return to Westminster Parliament and discuss the future possible deal for Brexit.

                                                       Panchang 21st January 2019
Tithi Prathama 25:36:14 Paksha Krishna
Nakshatra Pyusha 20:57 Yoga Priti
Karna Baalva 15:27 Day Monday
Kolav 25:36:14 Sunrise 07:54:07
Moon Sign Cancer

Now, when we would analyze the Panchang, we would also look at the Birth details of P.M Theresa May. She was born on 1st October 1956, in Magha Nakshatra, Leo Moon sign. Since her time of birth is speculated, we would rely on these details.

Further, with these details, especially the Nakshatra, Tithi and the Moon placement in transit, on the day of 21st January 2019, it is very clear that the start of any fresh talks in the Parliament would be in Choppy waters. Since, the day indicates, an absolute mismatch between the P.M and the leader of opposition in the house of commons. Which means any discussion carried out on that day would hardly see a positive outcome.

Again, if the ruling government led by P.M May, decides to peruse the talks without any fresh Ideas or with a receptive mind, then this would further damage the reputation of the ruling government and even question the ability of the P.M by her peers in the EU bloc. In fact, it would be ideal for P.M Theresa May, to be receptive to new ideas of her fellow members. This would leave some breathing space in the house of commons.

Again, she would be determined to get a deal on the same day or at the earliest. Since the rising ascendant would be a fixed sign Leo when the discussion is likely to start in Westminster on 21st January 2019. But the only advice to P.M May is to remain diplomatic and not be a hard-bargainer on the stipulated day. This would at least pave the way for some discussion in the coming days so that she can decisively close the Brexit deal with honor and respect.

Would wish P.M Theresa May, all the very best in her endeavor for a good Brexit deal.

[Disclaimer: The above is an astrological analysis by the author. Readers are advised to consider the same accordingly. For any comments, you can Contact me through the link]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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