Cancer Ascendant

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Gems are precious and at the same time is recommended as a solution to a perineal problem faced by an individual. The following is serious of Gems that each ascendant can look at wearing, considering it has been recommended by an astrologer. To wear any gem, the ascendant is important and not the zodiac sign. This is a fundamental point which should be noted.

Cancer Ascendant:

Cancer ascendant is a movable sign with Lord Moon as the owner of the sign. The sign is known to be highly accommodative in nature.

Some of the Gems which will suite Cancer ascendants are:



Since Cancer ascendant is ruled by Moon, Pear is the first good gem which natives of this can wear. By wearing Pearl, the health of Cancer ascendant would remain stable. You will be emotionally balanced. Will not get perturbed easily.  This will also energise your personality.

Pearl is usually embedded in Silver and it is worn on the little finger of your right hand.

Red Coral:


Red Coral is another Gem which can be worn by Cancer Ascendant. By wearing Red Coral, students will see a marked improvement in learning. Even for elders, Red Coral will be beneficial. Wealth accumulation will be easy. You will be happy with the overall prosperity.

These are the two Gems Which Cancer ascendant can be considered wearing, only after detailed analysis by an expert.


[Disclaimer: Readers are advised to consult the astrologer and then wear the ring recommended]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....