Stock Market Today 12-02-2019

Stock Market Today brings to you the daily trends in the Nifty Markets. This can also be the trends in Sensex, however not always.

Stock Market daily


– The Market will start with Pisces Ascendant and then shall move to AriesTaurus and end in Gemini Ascendant. Nakshatra will be Magha throughout the day.

Trends on 12th February 2019.

– The Market will see a rise today.

– Entertainment, Healthcare, Pharma, Petroleum and Software sections would do well.

– Markets will see consolidation after 11:00 AM. This would improve the profitability.

– Towards middle of the day, trading secession will see upward trends.

– But after 2:00 PM, this would see a slip. You would have to be careful in selecting the scrips.

– Please stay away from heavy metals today. Also, those stocks which were in bad news should be strictly avoided.

– Try not to take, any loan and speculate today, this would not work in your favour.

– Towards closing bell, Markets will be in Red.

– Pharma and Health care will be excellent. This would improve your overall stocks will help you to maintain gains.

– Do not subscribe any stocks which are speculative in nature.

[Disclaimer: Readers are requested to consider the above as merely indicative. For specific consultation, you may Contact the author of the domain]