Will Jeremy Corbyn be the Next Prime Minister?

Will Jeremy Corbyn be the Next Prime Minister?

Jeremy Corbyn

The Brexit Mistry is getting entangled in more confusion day by day. As predicted by Vedicastroservice.com that a No Deal Brexit is looking more likely, the time is ticking to come close to the end date; March 29th 2019, the last day of Britain in the European Union.

Since the confusion is giving a grim picture, we feel that Prime Minister Theresa May, may not continue, should there be a No Deal Brexit, and further the future of United Kingdom looking bleak.

At this juncture, we at Vedicastroservice.com decided to check the natal chart of Labour M.P: Mr Jeremy Corbyn. Since there is a growing demand among the masses that Mr Corbyn should head the country towards a fruitful negotiation as the integrity of Prime Minister Theresa May is questioned at every walk of life.  A cynical view is that PM May is not keen for a Brexit since she voted to be part of the European Union (E.U).

Hence, we decided to check Will Jeremy Corbyn would be the next Prime Minster? As usual, we maintain our Disclaimer that we do not support or Oppose any group in this Brexit negotiations and wish the UK and EU come out of the difficult entanglement with absolute clarity. Also, we would invite any correction or suggestion in the article mentioned here. Again, any mistake here will be unintentional and would be glad to stand rectified.

It is also our interest to help the group, with the blessing of the divine providence through the subject of Vedic astrology. Thus, the analysis of the natal chart of Jeremy Corbyn will be interesting.

Below is the birth Details:

Date of Birth: 26th May 1949.

Time of Birth: 05:09:38 AM

Place of Birth: Chippenham, United Kingdom.

Source: Leading International Astrology Website.

  Rahu, Mars, Moon Asc, Mercury Sun, Venus  




Natal Chart











With the birth details given above, Moon is in the Aries Moon sign and Ascendant or the Lagan is in Taurus. Moon is deposited in the nakshatra of Bharani. With Moon in the 12th house of Ascendant, this means, Mind and action of the native would not synchronise when needed to verify the minutes of details. This is one handicap with this horoscope. Also, too many planets are placed in the Moon sign and the Ascendant. Which would make the person moody and at times stubborn!

Though the good part in Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscope is that the Ascendant lord is Venus and is deposited in the Ascendant itself. Which means, he would be always determined to achieve something which looks unbelievable in the face value. Thus, there is the basic required strength in the natal chart of Jeremy Corbyn.

Now, let us go deep into the natal chart. Jeremy Corbyn is in the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antradasha of Mercury, until February 2020. Which clearly indicates that Jeremy Corbyn will see a rise in his political career, especially around the middle of 2019. Which means, he can certainly become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

However, there are few cautions which Mr Corbyn should consider in this lifetime since there are many weaknesses that can manifest around this journey.

1st point is the debilitated Jupiter in the 9th house.  The 9th house is seen for commonality of mind. Now, in this house, he has a debilitated Jupiter which means, he would find it difficult to attract a large gathering. Being a native of Fixed Ascendant, it would be better for him to adopt little diplomacy in his approach to ensure there is cohesiveness within the Party and also while representing the UK as an interlocutor to negotiate Brexit with the EU. This would help him in bridging the gap and shall also be helpful for him.

We wish him good luck, in this journey and shall wait for the opportune time to Congratulate his success and achievements.

[Disclaimer: We stand by what we mentioned above and do not write to hurt or even appease any individual. Please Contact the author for more details]