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It has been often debated whether Numerology has any significance in human life? Do numbers in any way play an important role in shaping the fortunes of an Individual? These questions have been bothering many and have sought answers to the genuinity of Numerology.

Some have even gone to the extent of asking the veracity of this science? Please remember, numbers are an integral part of human life and they do have much significance. The question is then how to put them to use?

Like in astrology, numbers are very important to seek the exact date of birth. time of birth is another input of Number and finally, the place of birth is quantified as Longitude and latitude. Similarly, Date of birth and Numerology have a direct correlation and the write up here is the give some perspective.

How does Numerology would help an individual? In this case, the name of the Individual will encapsulate the energy which is needed to reverberate the Numerological power. Let us look at an example for this.

Assuming a native named as Rita, she is born on the date: 4th of any month. Thus the date of birth is 4th and this happens to be her lucky number. If one would total the spilling of Rita it would give us a number 8. Now, Number 4 is ruled by Uranus and Number 8 is ruled by Saturn. Here there is a mismatch.

Let us look at it with an example.

Rita’s numerical value is:

R+I+T+A= 2+1+4+1=8

But we would need a numeric value of 4. In that case, one can a slight change in the name of RITA and spell it as Reita.

Now let us look at the numeric value: R+E+I+T+A= 2+5+1+4+1=13 which is 1+3=4

By introducing a minor spelling change in one’s name, you would see the power of numerology augmenting manifold times. With this, one can use their name in Digital Signature, email ID or Profile name ID’s. The more one would use, the better would be the power of Numerology.

Alternatively, can one spell the name as Rieta? The answer is no. Since, the Alphabetic order should never be disturbed, the native should ensure the sequence of alphabets.

Thus, Date of birth and Numerology plays a very important role in one’s life. Now, when does this work best? Date of Birth and Numerology will work very well when some one is in distress and unable to come out of problems such as Finance and debt, Lack of Career progress, in this case, it would be severe health problems etc.,

Therefore, one should balance the energy of date of birth and bring them in synchronization of one’s name. By this, the power of numerology is realized. So if a newborn is blessed with a Name, giving the Numerological power, they are sure to realise the power of date of birth.

Also, one has to keep in mind that Numerology works even on a Business entity name. Readers can write to me for any such advice.

Readers are requested to consult a professional for their requirements.  You can also write to me for selecting a numerological name accordingly.

[Disclimer: The above is an example taken to explain the subject and not to hurt any emotions]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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