Effects of Remedies and Useful Tips in Vedic Horoscope Astrology.

Effects of Remedies and Useful Tips in Vedic Horoscope Astrology.


Astrology is a science of calculation and predicting the future. Many have known the benefits of astrology and have taken the benefits for ages. In fact, the relevance of astrology has only grown over the years. As more and more people try to understand the relevance of a birth chart and the effects of the 9 planets to a native chart, the interest level in astrology is only getting more. Their endeavour is never-ending.

The challenges which one would face in the present ear has made them believe that astrology is not only a torch that bears light and gives them a pathway, but also supports them from time to time, with remedies which will smoothen the path that one would take. It is here that Vedic tips for remedies that come to their rescue.

The list of Vedic remedies and tips have again grown over the years, with the latest edition of Lal-Kitab. We will discuss more the options of Lal-Kitab in our article below. However, the good part of Vedic remedies is that it suits, the time, the place, affordability and more importantly, the accurate results that one is looking for. Therefore, the list of remedies which shall be mentioned here is independent and one can practice the same to get relieved from the problems that one is suffering.

More importantly, one should know which remedy to select at the most appropriate time. This is an important decision, since as a native, one may not be adept to know all the remedies and its relevance. In such a scenario, one should consult only a learned and expert astrologer to know the exact remedy. However, the article laid down here is to give a glimpse of the various options.

Mantra: One of the best options recommended in our Vedic text of astrology, is Mantra. A mantra is a set of Sanskrit text which one must chant on a modulation, again on a certain pitch (high-low-medium) and more importantly on the time an occasion. There is a mantra for every planet in astrology and these mantras can bring quick relief to the native who is suffering. E.g Nav-Graha Sukta.

By chanting the Nav-Graha Sukta, a native will please all the 9 planets at one go.

Gemstone: Every planet in the Vedic astrology represents a gemstone. These gemstones are designed in such a way that they capture the Sunlight from the sky and would transmit on the body of the native wearing the same. This is a very powerful way to keep the planet a the native in sync and reap all the necessary benefit in one’s native.

Rudraksha Mala: Rudraksha mala has very significant importance in Hindu dharma. These are a special seed which is from a plant grown around the Himalayas and contain vibrant energy. It is believed that a Rudraksha is the water drops from the eyes of Lord Shiva. Rudra-Aksha is a conjunction of two words joint as one i.e Rudra means, Lord Shiva and aksha in Sanskrit means Eyes. This is mainly recommended to anyone suffering from any ailment and unable to recover from the same.

Powerful Yantras:  These yantras are a shape and design, either in an object form or a picture form, in a type which will give strength to a planet. These Yantras are a set of remedies for a particular planet only. E.g Sri-Yantra. This comes in a picture form or in an object form to enhance the power of Planet Venus. Similarly, there are many more remedies in the form of Yantras for different planets.

Locket or Amulet: These are newly developed concepts which are in the form of a locket or Amulet. Here the locket carrier’s special energy which will emanate the power on the native wearing the same. Some E.g: Locket of Lord Hanuman, Lord Kubera etc., They are specially designed and developed with special aura to reduce the negative strength in a native’s life.

Stotra’s: These are glories on deities or planet sung by their devotees and worshipers. They are potent and powerful which pleases the lord or the planet immediately and helps the native seeking the blessings from the lord. There are many such Stotra’s written by our Hindu saints over a period of time. One can select the most relevant accordingly and get relieved from the pains and problems they suffer.

Chalisa: They are literally mean, 40 verses on a deity. Therefore, anyone wanting to please a particular deity can chant these verses and then they can get relieved from any problems. Eg. Hanuman or Durga Chalisa.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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