Enhance Your Meditation Using the Power of Astrology Elements

Enhance Your Meditation Using the Power of Astrology Elements


Many would know, that Meditation is a wonderful technique to reduce stress and anxiety in one’s life. There is enough scientific evidence to prove the theory and hence, many prefer to meditate and boost the mystic power of the mind. Through meditation, their path to self-discovery gets eased. Meditation has been a part of their daily routine and their day does not start with-out meditation for a stipulated set of time.

However not many would not know, that the ancient science of astrology and its elements, can be helpful to enhance the power of meditation. The moon sign, planets and the constellation in a native’s horoscope, form part of this element and with the use of these elements, one can reap the benefits even more.

When we discuss astrological elements, many ask: is this possible? Do the astrological elements enhance the meditation power of an Individual? The answer is yes and let us analyze how is this possible.

The ancient science of astrology holds many insights and methods to analyze through decoding the potential power of a native, through his/her horoscope. One of the methods is through the date of birth of a native. Your date of birth, very similar to Numerology, has stored many potentials in you. They just want to get released at the earliest. As soon as a native is born, the first breath that he or she would take, triggers the release of the potentials stored in them. They would work in tandem with the planetary alignment, especially Sun and Moon, at the time of birth. The individual receives the necessary energy and they reap in the benefit these two planets.

Hence a special importance is attached to planet Sun and Moon. Since the former represents the Soul and the latter is the mind of an individual. Hence the energy of these two planets is very much important. Also, Moon holds the nakshatra or the constellation along with its Moon sign. Therefore, the position of Planet Sun and Moon is given adequate importance.

Similarly, in astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs. Each other these 12 zodiac signs are categorized as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water elements. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius form the elements of Fire. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn form the category of Earth.  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius as Air & Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces as Water elements. In fact, many a time, individuals and their traits are archetypes to their zodiac signs. For example, if someone is in deep contemplation, we can see that he/she has a strong presence of Water sign elements. Similarly, if anyone is down to earth, we say that he/she as the Earthly sign elements. Similarly, others can have qualities of fire and air elements. This is very evident but unfortunately not many realize it consciously.

While meditating, our brain releases the frequency which gets connected to the state of higher consciousness. To enhance the ease of connectivity, if the native use any symbol in physical form or even if able to meditate, keeping the symbol (zodiac sign, a symbol of their constellation or moon sign and other elements ) in their mind, the energy is quickly realized and connected to the higher consciousness.

There are other ways too which can be used to enhance the power of meditation. Say if your zodiac sign is Fire element. Then burning a candle might enhance the power to meditate. If Earthy sign, then touching the ground or elements attached to the earth can give you more power to meditate. If a Water sign, then you can place a bowl of water in front of you and then meditate and finally if your sign is of an airy element, then you can meditate in the open air to seek its freshness.

Thus, these are some of the ways through which one can enhance the power of meditation using astrological elements.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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