February 2019 Astrology Prediction

Vedicastroservice.com is back with the Moon sign predictions for the month of February 2019. Due to some reason, our team could not come out with regular predictions, which should not be a problem going forward.

So, please go through your Moon sign, and plan the month as per the predictions.



The start of the month would be full of excitement. You would feel as a renewed energy has been infused in you. Mind and body would be agile. Accordingly, the energy would also be transmitted in all other facets of your life.

Career and Finance wise, this month would be excellent. Especially to those who have been working independently. Your fame would get you new business and more money. Change in a job is also indicated for few. Also, income would rise with the change.

Education wise, students pursuing engineering would do well. You can also be given a small role to work as an intern, so please accept the offer. This would expand your knowledge.



The month of February 2019 would be quite good. Especially for all the hard work which you have done in the past, its results would slowly open its doors for you. Please treasure the same as this would put you in an advantageous position in the entire month.

Career and finance will see an increment. Especially for those who have been working on overseas projects or dealing in export business. There would be a rise in revenue flow which would ease the needs. You can also plan to expand your business this month.

Students pursuing research would do well. You would impress your mentor with your findings. Education wise students of Bachelor studies would do well.



For Gemini native, the month of February 2019 demands caution. Since someone can cajole you now for vested interest. So, please do not bear in mind, that you should not readily accept any fresh ideas that are tempting.

Career and Finance wise, you would have to be over cautious. There is a chance of losing your regular job, so time is to upgrade your skills. Again, the month would demand caution for those dealing in the partnership business.

Education wise, students would not show interest in regular learning. Please do not be lenient. Since this would affect your academic year. If scheduled to take up any exam then make sure you burn the midnight oil.



For Cancer native, time is further improving. In fact, February 2019 would form the platform for all future endeavor. You would plan minutely and also execute your plan diligently. There would be a betterment which would prevail thereafter.

Career and Finance wise, you would see a rise in income. Promotion is likely in your career. Though not ideal to start any new business. Please hold on to your thoughts and execute the same in the subsequent months. Results would be encouraging.

Education wise, students would do well. More so, if appearing any competitive exams. Such as UPSE or entrance test for Management studies. In fact, just take some mock test to give a final touch up in preparation.



For Leo native, February 2019 will see a moderate month in the first half. Your sign lord would move to the house of luck, you would see much progress, especially in the 2nd half of them of the month. So, little patience is advisable.

Career and Finance would not be much encouraging. Though you would be pepped up and shall not give up easily. Just maintain the tempo and this would take you miles ahead. In important matters, please take a second opinion.

Education wise, the month would be very good in the 2nd half. Those pursuing Medical surgery would do well. But this would improve performance only after the initial hard work. You can take the help of your teachers.



Virgo native would need little patience in February 2019. Domestic impatience can affect even your professional life. Just rationalize your expectations and act accordingly. A sense of contentment would be helpful. Time would slowly show signs of improvement in coming days.

Career and Finance wise, you would see moderate gains. You would have to minimize expenses. Since this can thwart your monthly plan. Please do not be lenient as money management will help you to sail through the entire month. Again, do not invite any insubordination charge against you by your superiors.

Education wise, Students would have to work hard. This would only help your efforts and shall improve academic achievements. Do work hard for the same.



The month of February 2019 would be quite good for Libra Moon sign. The support of benevolent planets would continue to uplift you. This would also give you some divine grace. As planning with precision and timely executing will provide you with excellent results.

Career and Finance would be at ease. Both facets will improve your life, giving you the required confidence. Make sure you leave your mark with absolute brazen fashion and you would be remembered for time to time.

Education and Students would be at ease. They would be happy with their overall preparation. Results would be excellent. In fact, many of you would do well in the upcoming board and university exams. This would also be seen in competitive exams.



For Scorpions, the Month of February 2019 would be very memorable. Since the support of efforts and luck would continue. This would mean, you would be a step ahead, which would elevate your status throughout the month. Confidence would be high and this would rule your personality.

A good opportunity is waiting for you. Which mean, Career and Finance would see much improvement. Give your best shot and this would give you the required name and fame. Encash this, as you have placed second fiddle for long.

Students pursuing an internship in any field would do well. Which means, you would be elevated intellectually and your education would reward you. Your knowledge would come handy in all walks of life in this month.



The month is not very encouraging for Sagittarius native. Saturn’s sade sathi is at its peak.  Therefore, there will be impediments in all walks of life. So, some disappointments would affect you around this month. Just remain humble and do visit Saturn temple or Nav Graha temple every Saturday.

Career and Finance is certainly a matter of worry. Since some of you can lose their jobs this month. Mainly due to your folly. So, please make sure, you are genuine and careful throughout the month.

Students too, this month is not very encouraging. Saturn would not appreciate leniency. So, please pull up your socks else you can be lagging being.  Make sure, you take the help of your mentor.



Little ease is seen in the month of February 2019 for Capricorn moon sign. Ease would improve your outlook in life. Therefore, make the most of it and this would bring a change in outlook in your personal life.

Career and Finance would also see a rise. If expecting any promotion this month, then be rest assured you would be rewarded at the earliest. The only word of caution is not to get overexcited. This can dampen happiness in the future.

For Students, too, the month would be excellent. You would do well in all walks of learning. Even the application of knowledge would be apt and rewarding. So, just relax and enjoy every movement in your life.



February 2019 will not be very different than the recent past. You can expect many predictable events that would pep your mood. Do stick to your routine since this would help you to accomplish the task. Since the sign lord in the house of gains would enable success.

The month is excellent for those associated with Government services. Career and Finance will see an upward swing. Some special post or position would enable you to get you respect and higher income. You would feel content with the progress.

For students, education and learning should not take a back seat. This would pull you down. Since, some would plan to work part-time, which would not be rewarding. At the same time, it can affect learning.



Some surprise gains can be on the table. This would improve your gains. February 2019 would be different but at the same time, you would expect more in terms of achievements. Just remember, every event has its own time. What you can achieve in this month, please grab the same and expecting for future.

Career-wise, foreign travel is on the cards. This would be official and you would be respected for your diligent work. Financially you would be prudent in your actions. But this would also demand a calculative mind.

For students pursuing any Fellowship research studies, you are sure to do well. Your arguments would find feel and academically you would be well lauded. Education wise, the month will be quite promising.

[Disclimer: The above reading is a mere moon sign prediction. For Individual consultation, please Contact the author]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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