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Foreign Travel.


Many educated Indian desire to travel abroad and sometimes even settle there permanently. Some travel abroad as a student to pursue higher education and then attain Permanent residence-ship (PR). Once they spend the stipulated time as (P.R) then they are granted Citizenship. H1b has been one such particse.

There is another set of Individuals in the country who have the required education and skill sets. They can easily meet the workforce requirement of a foreign national. These individuals apply through the various job or P.R programs and travel abroad to eventually settle. Here again, after a stipulated time, they are permitted to settle in a foreign country. However only a few are lucky in this case. The one who is lucky seeks assistance from various counseling centers. They then plan their travel and process their papers.  But others who sit in the Fence seek answers to their question.

Here, Astrology, as an ancient science, has always been helping individuals to understand the various planetary combinations in a native’s horoscope and draw some guidance. Usually, in a native’s horoscope, the 3rd, 9th and 12th house from the ascendant help an astrologer to understand the possibility to travel abroad or a foreign settlement.

3rd house is usually for short travel or for routine travel. Usually, if a planet is placed in the 3rd house, then during the Maha Dasha or Antara Dasha of that planet, the native would constantly travel. The travel under such circumstances is usually for career and work. It is found that usually, it could be to any country nearby to the home country (India in this case) of the native e.g. say Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong etc., This is one of the possibilities which happens when the 3rd house is active.

In certain cases, the native would travel abroad with the support of their younger sibling. Since 3rd house is also the house of younger siblings. It could be that their younger sibling would be living aboard and they would sponsor the travel of the native. Therefore, several combinations are possible when the 3rd house is active in a native’s horoscope.

Now, the 9th house is the house of fortune and luck. This is also called the house of long-distance travel. Which can be read as traveling to a western country. Therefore, when any planet is placed in the 9th house and is operational through Mahadasha or Antara Dasha, then traveling abroad to a western country is certain.

This combination is very much certain when a native will travel abroad for higher education. Usually, a native would apply for education VISA and travel abroad to pursue their higher education. In certain circumstances, the paternal side of the native would be instrumental in helping the native to travel aboard. Since 9th house is also seen as support from father and his relation.

For foreign settlement, a native would look at to become the resident of a foreign a country and then apply for citizenship of the country. In astrology, the 12th house in a native’s horoscope is given importance. The 12th house is the house for settling abroad. Therefore, this house is given more important when analyzed astrologically.

When a question is placed, will I settle abroad? Then an astrologer will first analysis the 12th house, placement of planets or any planet aspecting the 12th house.  As again, the Maha Dasha or Antara Dasha of that planet connecting with the 12th house will lead to a foreign settlement.

In certain cases, the connection for the 3rd to the 9th and then to the 12th house is also seen. This means a person will travel a lot to many foreign destinations and then finally settle down in an international destination.

Some astrologers also use the technique of Sarvashtak Varga table. Sarvashtak Varga table is a point-based analysis of each of the 12 houses in a native horoscope. Therefore, if the 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 12th house Sarvashtak points are considered to draw an analysis. If the 9th and 12th house is very strong with higher Sarvashtak Varga points then the foreign settlement is indicated. If the 3rd, 4th and 9th house, Sarvashtak Varga points are more than the 12th house Sarvashtak points, then the native will travel abroad quite often, by will not settle abroad.

These are some of the combinations to analyze whether a native will travel or settle abroad. To know, more readers can  Contact the author of the article.

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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