Gemini Ascendant and Emarald

                                          Om Nama Shivaya

Gems are precious and at the same time is recommended as a solution to a perineal problem faced by an individual. The following is serious of Gems that each ascendant can look at wearing, considering it has been recommended by an astrologer. To wear any gem, the ascendant is important and not the zodiac sign. This is a fundamental point which should be noted.

The following are the gems recommended for Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant.


Gemini Ascendant is a dual sign. As the first dual sign, the following are the gems which Gemini ascendant can wear for their wellbeing.

The first would be Emerald. Emerald will suit Gemini ascendant very well. Especially if Gemini ascendant enjoys a Pancha-Mahapurusha yoga naming Badra yoga. If not, even then they can wear Emerald which will bring prosperity to their health and wealth. Gemini ascendant into business will find a smooth growth by wearing Emerald.

There is no other gem is advised for Gemini ascendant, until examined in detailed.

[Disclaimer: Readers are advised to consult the astrologer and then wear the ring recommended


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....