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Astrology has been a vast subject of various branches of studies. In fact, astrology has interlinked itself with Gemology, other than numerology. Since, astrology is the light which identifies the area of problems, gemology, is the curing solution which can be used to reduce the ill effects. However, gemology should not be used as a solution for minor remedies. It should be pursued only after careful assessment of one’s horoscope and then suggested as a remedy. Since, in the process of strengthening one planet, the other should not be weakened, its purpose, weight, and size should be evaluated properly. Gems also have high energy to negate another planet. Hence, is it advised to consult an astrologer before considering them.

So, the first question which comes to a person’s mind is, who should wear a gem? Here, the astrologer should assess the Lagan and Navamsa chart, the Lagan lord and the 1st bhava, the 5th bhava and its lord, assessment of wealth and progeny, the 9th bhava and its lord for foreign travel, father and fortune. Other than this, if any other bhava which is weak, one can assume gemology as a remedy, only after careful assessment.

The below is a write up on various gems and their lordship; presently purely on Vedic principals which one should consider. My readers are advised to consider this article as a mere guidance and not pursue any gem without consulting an expert.

Ruby (Manik):


Ruby is a gem, whose lordship is Sun. So, if the Lagna lord is Sun or Sun is debilitated or there is Pitru dosha, or if one suffers from disease related to bones or heart, even to overcome austerity, eyesight problems etc., then one can consider wearing Ruby as a gem. In fact, if one is running a weak Sun Mahadasha, then to Ruby can be considered as a solution to strengthen Sun. Again, if there is a poor relationship with paternal relatives of your family, then too ruby can be worn. The gem can be worn as a ring or as a pendant. This is purely a case of affordability. No doubt, as a pendant, it would be very powerful.

The gem should be of minimum 3-4 carats. It must be embedded in gold and to be worn on a Sunday, with Shuka Pakshami (before Poornima) as the fortnight.

Pearl (Moti):


Pearl is ruled by Moon in one’s horoscope. Pearl is the most common gem advised to individuals. It is the milder version in the family of gem and good for all. However, if Moon in the horoscope is placed in the badhaka sthan, then one should refrain from wearing it. Again, pearl works very well if Moon is helmed in between Rahu and Ketu, or debilitated in Rashi or Navamsa chart or Combust in conjunction with Sun. Thus, one should consider wearing a pearl after considering the various aspects of an individual horoscope. Also, if one suffers sleep disorder, depression, emotional disturbance, phobia of any kind etc., they will be advised to wear Pearl as a remedial solution.

The gem should be embedded in Silver and should be worn on a Monday, with Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima) as the fortnight.

Coral (Lal Munga):


Mars is the ruler of Coral. Mar represents flesh and blood in one’s body. In fact, it is Mars who is considered to infuse courage, anger, energy, extreme sexual desire in one’s life. Therefore, the importance of Mars can never be negated. Mars is also the karaka of owning a house. Therefore, if one suffers from Mangal dosha in the horoscope, then delays owning a property is a definite. An ill placement of Mars can lead to problems such as piles, boil, stomach problems etc. or if one Mars Is debilitated, forms Angara yoga, or in a graha-yudha, or Combust then he is weak. In fact, one should first consult an astrologer before wearing Coral. Since it should not be recommended without a complete study of a horoscope.

The gem of Coral should be embedded in gold, with a minimum of 3-4 carats and should be worn on a Tuesday, with Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima) as the fortnight.


Hessonite (Gomad):


Rahu is the ruler of Hessonite. Rahu is considered to be a deceptive shadow planet. He represents wickedness, cheating and he is also a destructive planet. However, these qualities can be taken on a positive note. Rahu is important for gambling, lottery, foreigners and dealing with them etc., Therefore, the importance of Rahu cannot be mitigated. Now, if Rahu is poorly placed in the Lagan or Navamsa Chart, or running a weak Rahu Mahadasha, then it would be better to wear a Hessonite ring. Again, if Rahu receives any malefic aspects from other planets, then too once should look at wearing this gem. However, Hessonite should not be worn without consulting an expert astrologer, since this gem is like double edge stone. Therefore, please evaluate before wearing the same.

This gem should be embedded in Silver and to be worn on a Saturday morning, with Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima) as the fortnight.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukraj):

Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter is the ruler of Yellow Sapphire. Jupiter is one of the most benefic planets in any horoscope. He is the karaka for marriage, progeny, intelligence, benevolence and overall prosperity. If Jupiter is debilitated, or helmed between Rahu and Ketu, or combust with conjoint Sun, or in a graha-yudha, or if one suffers from poor health then one should consider wearing the gem of Yellow Sapphire. Also, if one suffers from weak Hamsa yoga (a type of Panchamahapurusha yoga), then again Yellow sapphire is considered. Even if one is running a Mahadasha of Jupiter which is weak in Lagna or in Navamsa chart, then too one should consider wearing a Yellow Sapphire.

This gem should be a minimum of 3-4 carats and should be embedded in gold. The day to wear yellow sapphire is Thursday and the fortnight is Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima).

Blue Sapphire (Neelam):

Blue Sapphaire

This stone is ruled by Saturn. One of the most powerful stones in Vedic Gemology. It is strictly believed; that a blue sapphire should not be worn by anyone without proper consultation with an astrologer.  It is recommended only if Saturn is weak, or if Shash yoga (one type of Pancha Mahapurusha yoga) is weak, or one is running a weak Mahadasha of Saturn, or Saturn is helmed in between Rahu and Ketu or debilitated in Lagna or Navamsa or combust being conjoined with Sun, then the remedy is to wear a Blue Sapphire. However, one will struggle in every field if not careful with the procedure and the purpose of wearing a blue sapphire.  Even if the Lagna lord is weak, one can consider wearing Blue sapphire based on a thorough assessment.

Blue Sapphire should be worn on a Saturday morning and embedded in gold with a minimum of 3-4 carats. The fortnight should be Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima).

Emerald (Panna):


Mercury is the ruler of the gem. Mercury in pure form is a benefit. However, if debilitated, or conjoined with malefic such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu or combust due to Sun, then he would turn malefic. This gem will reduce the malefic. Emeralds can also be worn if you are running a weak mahadasha of Mercury. It would help to improve the memory power, especially if in the field of calculations such as accounts, economics, mathematics, engineering etc., this will also help you in improving your communication skills. Therefore, consultants, lawyers and motivational speakers also weak Emerald to get a boost in their career. Now, if someone is suffering from epilepsy, mental disorder, asthma, insanity, weak mind etc., are also advised to wear an Emerald.

Emerald can be embedded in Silver or gold, depending upon carat and affordability. The minimum carats should be 3-4 carats. The day to wear this gem is Tuesday and the fortnight should be Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima)

Cat’s Eye (Lahsunia):

Cats Eye

Ketu is the ruler of Cat’s Eye. Ketu is malefic planet who is known for separation. Therefore, Ketu’s existence is necessary. Since gamblers and traders when want to book profits, Ketu comes to rescues them. This is one main reason why Ketu is necessary for the Nav-Graha. Ketu is responsible for disorders such as Urine problems, Paralysis, obsessions etc., Cat’s eye is responsible to bring an end to the powers of black magic, complex fear, phobia, bad dreams, ghosts etc., this gem is so powerful that one should not wear it until advised by a learned astrologer. It has more of utility value than optics since it can lead to other problems. If Ketu is combust or conjoined with Sun and Mars, it leads to various dosha. Such as Pitru dosha and Ganesha’s dosha. Again, if weak in horoscope or Navamsa, then too Cat’s eye can be worn.

To wear this gem, one should embed the same in silver and should be worn on a Tuesday with Fortnight as Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima). The weight can be 3-4 carats.

Diamond (Heera):


Venus is the ruler of diamonds.  Diamond is the most expensive gem in the family of gems. Venus controls the section of love, romance, sex and affection. Therefore, the support of Venus in any horoscope is inevitable. Venus controls beauty of an individual,  passion, sexual organ, uterus etc., Thus, for anyone having a weak Venus in the form of debilitation in Lagna or Navamsa chart, conjunction with Sun and combust, helmed in between Rahu and Ketu, or running a weak Mahadasha of Venus, then diamond is considered depending upon its impact on individual horoscope. Someone suffering from low sugar levels is also recommended to wear a diamond ring since it represents sweet and will balance the sugar level for such individuals.  Here again, the caveat is to consult an astrologer before wearing the gem.

Diamond should be embedded in gold and to be worn on a Friday with the fortnight as Shukla Pakshami (before Poornima). The minimum weight should be 3-4 carats since this is a very expensive gem.

Thus, gems are used as a remedial measure for various problems faced by an individual. However, the knowledge of gems and astrology is very important since the necessity to wear a gem is the first step to be identified and then comes the recommendation.

[Disclaimer: readers are advised to consult a learned astrologer before using any of the above-mentioned gems]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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