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Horoscope Match Making or Kundali Matching before marriage has been a science approach practiced since the Vedic days. These principles or rules mentioned by our Rishi’s or Sage men have always come handy to help the common man. In fact, these rules have been prescribed to ensure there is happy married life between a prospective bride and groom. It is believed that if two horoscopes or Kundali are matched before marriage, then the duo is treated as a Union to lead a life together.

However, despite Kundli Milan of Gun Milan, as usually termed in the local lingo, one may witness, many problems in the married life. The duo faces many challenges in their married life and ends up separated, legally. Sometimes, even the worst is likely. One would hear that either of the partners met with an untimely death. Thus, their life takes a complete U-Turn in the course. This lead to many doubts in a native’s mind. Should one follow Chart-Matching or Kundali Milan process? It is also seen that many a time an astrologer will overlook some of the curtail points in Match-Making and then match two horoscopes which do not match at all.

In India, the widely followed method of Kundli Milan is a method called Ashtakoot or in a lay man’s sense, a method where eight parameters are checked under various headings and then a weighted average of 36 points is assigned to these eight parameters. This method which was developed during our Vedic days, of Hindu culture, has everlasting relevance. In other words, even today, the method has scientific relevance and the entire practice of Match Making relies on this method.

These eight parameters are as follow Varna, Vashya, Tara or Dina, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gan, Bhakoot or Rasi and finally Naadi. Thus, these eight parameters will assess the foundation of horoscope compatibility for marriage. Though there are other methods too where horoscope matching is done for marriage through the name of the prospective bride and the groom. But the former is the most prevalent and accepted method to check the foundation between the relationship.

Other than the Ashtakoot method, the two horoscopes are also analyzed in detail for any Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosh. Then accordingly the horoscopes are matched. It is believed after this process, the horoscope matchmaking is complete. But in reality, it is not so. There are some other points too which must be considered for a flawless Kundli matchmaking. The following nine points will help the readers to understand which of these nine points are important:

  • Longevity. This is one area which would need a detailed analysis. Where the two horoscopes of a prospective bride and groom are checked separately and then an analysis is drawn.
  • A mental state of the Psychological state: This is another area which should not be left out while matchmaking is done. Many a time it so happens that either one of the partners is suffering from Dispersion or Phycological disorder. Which is not captured in the Matchmaking process.
  • Number of Marriages or extramarital relationship: Thought a Kundli Milan will talk about mutual compatibility, it cannot suggest if there is more than one marriage which is possible between the prospective bride and the groom. For this, the horoscope of the duo should be analyzed independently. Also, the possibility of an extra-marital relationship should be checked.


  • Affliction to the 2nd and the 4th house: In Vedic astrology, 2nd house is for Kutumb sthan. Again the 2nd house is the house for a paternal relationship and the linage o the family. The 4th house is the house for Sukha sthan or comforts. Therefore, if any of these two houses are afflicted, then one can suffer from poor married life.
  • Affliction to the 7th house: This has been mentioned separately other then the 2nd and the 4th Since, the 7th house has importance. The importance is high since the 7th house decides the marital relationship of the duo. All is fine if the 7th house suffers affliction, then one cannot lead a happy married life.


  • Affliction to the 12th house: 12th house is considered as the house of expense in astrology. But at the same time, this house is also looked for comfort in the bed. Thus, those with good married life will need a base for good sex life. Though Ashtakoot method do look for progeny but does not check the bed comfort in a native’s horoscope.
  • Financial Prosperity: Finance is an important area among the present generation. Therefore, the possibility to earn independently and jointly should also be analyzed while matching the two horoscopes. This will decide the fundamentals too.


  • Physical attributes: These days the appearance score more points than anything else. Therefore, even the features of the individual should be check considering these attributes.


  • Commitment in a relationship: This can be done only by individually assessing the two horoscopes of the natives. Make no mistake, a good and learned astrologer will give importance to all these aspects in minute details.


The above features and Flawless method should be followed wisely. This will complete the entire horoscope match making process. To know more about the same, readers can write to the astrologer for personal consultations.

[Disclaimer: The above is astrological guidance and not advised for self-practice. To reach out to any consultation, a request to Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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