Goods and Service Tax (GST) Turns one

Goods and Service Tax (GST) turns one.




The goods and service tax, commonly known as GST in India, has been hailed by many as the game changer in Indian taxation system. Many corporates in the recent past admired the change in the systems of taxation as it would allow a simplified system, better transparency, reduce the so-called Cascading effects and what not. All this has been suggested since the introduction of the tax law since 1st July 2017. It was implemented nationwide, by replacing the old system of Value Added Tax or VAT and service tax prevailed before the afore-mentioned date. The central government since then claims the change as a true political victor.

However, in the real terms, has Goods or service tax (GST) been a true success story? Particularly when we see new stories which tracked that the government brought approx. 400 amendments since the inception of the law. Can the government really claim the success through the introduction of the GST in the indirect taxation system?

Let us understand the GST story through the prism of astrology. Mind you, the analysis has bee purely astrological and is in line with the first prediction on GST which was given in October 2017.

Ascendant Venus Mars (c), Mercury (c), Sun


Rashi Chart:

GST India.

01/07/2017 , Time 00:00 / 12:00 AM.

Place: New Delhi.

                     Saturn Jupiter,   Moon

The above chart mentioned in the chart, the first to assess will be the ascendant of the birth chart of GST. If one would look at the Ascendant, it would be very important to note that the rising of ascendant Pisces at the time of implementing the Law is a big question. Since the ascendant falls under the category of a dual sign, the very essence of law is diluted. This is a clear that the government had planned to introduce the new tax regime in haste. Since the foundation of the tax law is very weak.

Further, at the time of introducing the tax law, the badhaka sthan which happens to be the 7th house, in this case, is also very strong. Which mean, the weakness is further aggravated. Now, the ascendant lord, which happens to be Jupiter is placed in the 7th house conjoined with Moon. Again, Moon is the depositor of Jupiter, which clearly indicates that the law will see many changes from time to time and may even demand a complete revamp.

Since the inception of the new Tax law, the government has introduced multiple changes, as some new agencies even quoted it as high as 400 amendments till date, it would be very unfair for the government to make any further changes. Instead, a panel of experts to be established and to completely overhaul, the entire tax regime will be advisable.

In fact, this would be a sincere suggestion to the government from the author as the coming months are looking even more detrimental.

At the time of the launch, the Maha-Dasha or the main period which was running happened to be Moon. The sub-period of antradasha is that of Rahu, till 18th November 2018. But the good part is that Jupiter has been supporting the Moon sign Virgo through its transit hence there was a mentionable amount which the government could quote. Also, the antradasha of Rahu is supporting good revenues.

Though the worry for the government is yet to start. Come 12th October 2018, the support of Jupiter will take a pause. As Jupiter would move from Libra to Scorpio, the troubles will manifold and cracks can be seen in the system of tax law. Also, after 18th November 2018, the sub-period of Jupiter would be in operation. This will lead to serious problems. Since Jupiter is placed in the badhaka sthan in the birth chart and in close conjunction with Moon. This means, there will be widespread problems for the Central government as some state government will demand revenue loss and would ask for compensation. The government’s internal ministerial difference will be split wide open. The sanity of the new tax regime will be questioned and then the government would also be asked to prepare a plan of action to increase revenue and reduce leakages. There will be much blame game between the Finance Ministry and other departments, including the PMO, who will face the brunt. Considering the upcoming Union elections in 2019, GST can become a major embracement to the Ruling central government. As the opposition will leave no stone unturned to the blame the incumbent.

Since the badhaka sthan is so active, the government will face the heat from the opposition and from the common man.

The only advice for the government would be to seriously relook at the minute level of problems and fix them. The ideal solution would be to rework a completely new law Goods and Service Tax (GST) law.

[Disclaimer: The above analysis are purely from an astrological point of view.  The author has no political affiliation to any political party in India or abroad. Readers are advised not to politicise the above article. For any Personal consultation, you can Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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