Goods and Service Tax India 2017- The Future

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Mars (c), Mercury (c), Sun





Rashi Chart:

GST India.


Time 00:00 / 12:00 AM.

New Delhi.






Jupiter,   Moon

                                                                  PLANET POSITION
Planet In Sign Sign Lord Degree Nakshatra Pad Nak Lord Sub Lord SSL Position
ASC Pisces JUP 11:13:10 U. Bhadra 3 Sat Moon RAH
SUN Gemini MER 15:03:02 Ardra 3 Rah Ketu SAT
MON Virgo MER 11:58:15 Hasta 1 Moo Rahu RAH
MAR Gemini MER 23:04:14 Punarvasu 1 Jup Saturn MOO COM
MER Gemini MER 25:47:33 Punarvasu 2 Jup Ketu KET COM
JUP Virgo MER 19:44:11 Hasta 3 Moo Ketu VEN
VEN Taurus VEN 01:16:42 Krittika 2 Sun Jupiter JUP
SAT Scorpio MAR 29:17:15 Jyeshtha 4 Mer Saturn MAR
RAH Leo SUN 01:09:48 Magha 1 Ket Venus SUN RET
KET Aquarius SAT 01:09:48 Dhanishtha 3 Mar Mercury RAH RET
URA Aries MAR 03:56:51 Ashvini 2 Ket Moon RAH
NEP Aquarius SAT 20:07:12 P. Bhadra 1 Jup Jupiter MAR RET
PLU Sagittarius JUP 24:13:13 P. Ashadha 4 Ven Mercury MER RET
                                                    Mahadasha of Moon
                                                09-Jan-2016 To: 09-Jan-2026
Mon 09-01-2016 09-11-2016
Mar 09-11-2016 09-06-2017
Rah 09-06-2017 09-12-2018
Jup 09-12-2018 09-04-2020
Sat 09-04-2020 09-11-2021
Mer 09-11-2021 09-04-2023
Ket 09-04-2023 09-11-2023
Ven 09-11-2023 09-07-2025
Sun 09-07-2025 09-01-2026

As we pass each day, we realise the debate of GST is clamouring on the Indian government. Much clarity is needed to explain the present form of GST which the government is trying its best to educate. Still, much needs to be done. I tried my best to analyse the GST, using Mundane astrology. As a citizen of India, I believe we all should try out best to help the government at the state and at the centre, and help to build a better India.

I decide to do so by assessing the GST date of implementation using astrological readings. The readings have been using Vedic principals, supported by the mahadasha and antradasha. As we all know, GST in India was implemented on the midnight of 30th June 2017, which takes us to 1st July 2018, 12:00 AM. The Chart above is mentioned for reference and the readings are given below.

On the date of launch, which is 1st July 2017, 00:00 hours, or 12:00 AM, the ascended or the lagna arsing was Meena which is Pisces. The lagan lord is Jupiter, who is placed in the 7th house from the ascendant. Moon is also placed in the 7th house and conjoined with Jupiter. The 7th house is Kanya/Virgo rashi. For Meena lagna, the Badhaka sthan happens to be the 7th house from lagna. Therefore, the lagan placed in the 7th house from lagan is not good news. Though the intention of the Governments has been genuine, still, the placement of Jupiter and Moon, who is the lord of 5th house, is inauspicious. Moon, the lord of 5th house, which is the wealth creating house from lagna, is again poorly placed. Here, we will take the 5th house from lagan, which will collect tax for the government to create wealth for the nation. Both Jupiter and Moon are deposited in the nakshatra of Hasta, which is owned by lord Moon. The nakshatra of Hasta indicates “doubtful” returns of any action. Thus, even the nakshatra is not very auspicious to initiate GST implementation as the placement of Jupiter and Moon in the Badhaka sthan is again not a good news to the country.

Badhaka sthan is the house of obstacle. Therefore, we see much of the obstacles being created for the smooth implementation of the revolutionary Indirect Tax, as mentioned by the government. GST in the present form will see perineal problems which will keep the government at the centre and the state on their toes. There will be coordination at the GST council which will make them to burn the midnight oil to bring course correction. But, the results will be very slow.

Now, if we analyse the 10th house from the lagan, which represents the government, the lord of 10th house lord is again Jupiter. His placement in the 7th house indicates much trouble for the government to ensure smooth implementation, right from the inception. There will be many amendments and changes made on a continues basis to ensure a robust tax regime.

Alternatively, let us analyse the 2nd house (income to the government in the form of tax collection), 4th house (domestic market) and 6th house (common man or the mass business class in India). Now, the lord of the 2nd house is Mars, the lord of 4th house is Mercury and the 6th house lord is Sun. Mars and Mercury are combust due to their conjunction with Sun. This means, the tax collection form GST will not see positive signs, the domestic market will be weak and the native/common man will be in constant agitation. There will be shrinking of domestic market and income which will bring slow down to the economy in the short run. GDP can fall for few quarters. The government will work very hard to uplift the economy. Results will be slow in this endeavour. In fact, the government will see constant criticism for the policy Changes. Each time a change is introduced, more will be expected from the government. A prolonged distress will follow in the SME sector.  Since the 6th house lord here is Sun. Sun’s placement in the 4th house from lagna and combusting Mercury and Mars, means, SME will be in stress. The centre will be at their best to communicate the benefits of GST to the SME sector. Since Venus is placed in the 3rd house from lagna and in Mooltrikona sthan, the government will try its best to communicate the benefits of GST to SME sector. But this will lead to a poor return. There will be a constant firefight to maintain Centre’s image. Venus receives the retrograde aspect of Saturn from the 9th house, which will delay the positive return to the government. 9th house is the intellectual class which will ask tough questions to the government on behalf of SME segment. The silver lining is the Conjunction of Jupiter and Moon which will help the government to score a brownie point for their good intention.

Now, the prevailing Mahadasha at the time of launching GST is Moon. The antradasha is that of Rahu. Coincidently the same is the mahadasha of Moon and antradasha of Rahu, in India’s Natal Chart. You can read my blog on “Astrology Prediction of India, 2018”. This means the GST will see similar trouble which our Country will face from now till, June 2018, at least.

In fact, in the GST natal Chart, Rahu is in the Mirta Awastha, which means he has almost moved to the 5th house of wealth creation to our country. Rahu being a shadow planet, he will block in bringing the desired results to the government. The government will start a quick consultation programme to bring course correcting which will take time to yield positive results. Since, Rahu is in the nakshatra of Ketu, which is indicating 9th house (intellectual discussion), 11th house (fulfilment of desire) and 12th house (some loss). So, one can infer that the discussion will bring slow returns to the government and the country.

Considering the planetary combination, the government should expedite the process of course correction and more importantly work proactively. Since this will reduce the criticism from all corners. As the time proceeds, we will know how GST will be shaped by the efforts of the government. But clearly the next 12 months or so the government at the centre and the state will be in a constant firefight to resolve the confusion over GST. The outcome will depend on the efforts, cooperation and confabulation at the state and the central level.



[Disclaimer: The above is based on mundane astrology readings. The outcome will also depend on the individual efforts and support of their natal Chart. Readers are advised to draw any conclusion for a personal benefit based on the natal support of individual chart. You can write me to for personal consultation]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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