Houses and Bhav in the Natal Chart

Houses and Bhav in the Natal Chart.

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The house or Bhav in a natal chart is very important. The 12 zodiac signs in a natal chart speak loud and this influences the overall prediction. Please find the detailed analysis of 12 houses or Bhav in a natal chart.

House Significance
1st house Self, the body, life in general
2nd house Wealth, Speech
3rd house Courage, communication
4th house Home and Mother
5th house Intelligence and Child
6th house Enemies, Debt, Worries
7th house Spouse, Desires
8th house Longevity, Vulnerability, Worries
9th house Higher, Learning, Dharma
10th house Profession, Reputation
11th house Gains
12th house Enlightenment and Death

Thus, the above is the synopsis. To know more, please check out the links. In fact, the accuracy of any prediction is based on the exact placement of a planet in the Bhav. Therefore,  when any chart is brought for time correction, then the first step is to check out the ascendant or the 1st house an then work out the placement of the remaining houses.

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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