How to Choose the Best Career Decision with Help of Career Astrology?

How to Choose the Best Career Decision with Help of Career Astrology?

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Career is one aspect of our life which everyone seeks to perfect it. Ever since one completes their higher studies, they are in the race of career development. In fact, the conventional practice has been to pursue higher studies, form a reputed institute, as it would pave the pathway for career settlement.

In certain cases, this may not be the rule. Many billionaires are not even formally educated. That does not discount the importance of education, however, the mere point is that a decision to take up any career is not directly correlated to our academics. Yes, academics do help us to improve our conceptual knowledge, however, we always perfect our knowledge in the real world, through the career path.

In the present world, the decision to chose any career path has been quite intriguing. Since, there so many options that one can pursue, but the fundamental question remains to be understood. What is the aptitude of an individual? What is the skill set which one must pursue in their career path? Is there passion or is there a mere necessity to shoulder the family responsibility? Does one have the personality to pick up a career path? Etc., These are some of these questions which one would try to understand before deciding a career path. Some even seek the help of a career counselor. But it has been seen many a time that the shades of grey still exist. Then what is the best alternative?

Thanks to our Vedic text which has invented a useful science named astrology. Astrology is a science of planets and calculations. As one would know, there are nine planets in astrology, each of these planets possess a certain quality which releases its energy when placed in a certain zodiac sign of a native’s horoscope. When placed, accordingly the traits of the planets are seen in the native.

For e.g.: Mercury as a planet is known for a calculative mind. Also, the same planet can have the ability to be an astute communicator. This is decided by the placement of Mercury in one’s horoscope. So, to become an engineering, accountant or even a shrewd businessman, Mercury plays a very dominant role.

Similarly, Venus, the planet of creativity, decides the native’s artistic skills. It also talks of inborn skill for a native to be artistic.  Hence, to be a personality in the field of Cinema or to take be any profession where a creative mind is needed to express oneself, Venus as a planet and its placement decides the destiny of a native.

Again, some of us have a fundamental question, will I work for someone, or will I do any business? If so what sort of business or profession? These are some other aspects which are encountered by an expert astrologer, constantly.

Here, usually, the 6th house from the ascendant in a native’s horoscope is analyzed. If the 6th house has a good placement of planets or even aspects of benevolent planets, then one is supposed to have a good career. Also, the lord of 6th house and its placement or conjunction will decide the future of one’s career path. This is one way which is used to check.

In the case of taking up Business, the 10th house from the ascendant is analyzed. If the 10th house, the lord of the 10th house, is afflicted in any manner, then the business career of a native is afflicted. There can be ups and down quite often. Therefore, an expert astrologer will even assess the Mahadasha and the Antara Dasha in a native’s horoscope.

In astrology, for any event to take place, the Mahadahsa, Antara Dasha, and the planetary transit should align in one angle to fructify a result. Therefore, this can be calculated only by an expert astrologer and then they help one to decide their career path.

Now, one may have a good career house, which is 6th and 10th, but still may not see progress in career growth. It is here, an expert astrologer would delve deeper and analyze the Dashamsha or D_10 chart of a native’s horoscope. They would even go deep to check if one would earn enough in their career through the Hora Chart, along with D_10. Thus, a lot of answers can be analyzed and detailed through the help of astrology.

Sometimes, an astrologer, expert in Numerology too, will analyze the career prospect of a native through their birth details, which is a date, time and place of birth. This aspect is called as Astro-Numerology. Therefore, there are many benefits to seek astrological answers to our query and seek help to take the best career decision.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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