How to discover your strengths and weaknesses with Astrology?

How to discover your strengths and weaknesses with Astrology?

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Astrology has been an ancient science which has come to us through the ancient literature, Vedas. The six-auxiliary discipline of studies called Vedangas in Vedas includes Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha.  It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda.

Therefore, in Hindus, we consider consulting an astrologer for checking out the auspicious time or to seek a solution to a problem which is perineal. Thus, one would often follow the suggestions and analysis given to us by the astrologer.

In astrology, the astrologer relies on the complex analysis through the study of an individual birth chart. Here the date, time and place of birth is considered and then an astrologer would analyze in detail. The subject mainly details with Nine planets, visa viz: Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu or North Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu or South Node and Venus. These nine planets are placed in the twelve zodiac signs in an individual birth chart or horoscope.

In fact, each of these nine planets and the twelve zodiac signs represents certain traits which reflect upon the individual in their deeds and actions. Therefore, the study of a horoscope is very important as this will also state the strengths and weakness of an individual. These attributes or traits are very important for a native to understand their personality, individual strengths and weakness, state of mind, physical ability and the auspicious time before taking any decision.

So, one would ask is this the only method to understand the strength or weakness of an individual? There are various other methods or techniques which can be used to understand the strength or weakness of an individual. Say a counselor can help one trying to seek a SWOT analysis. Or various scientific methods such as psychometry or dermatoglyphic test which can assess the strength and weakness of an individual state of mind. They are supposed to give inferences to an individual in a methodological manner.

Then in what context does astrologer will help an individual? Is astrology a scientific subject on superstition?

To know about this subject one should now that, astrology is an ancient science which deals in calculations and mathematics. Therefore, the subject does not give space to any shades of grey. There is only one answer, to every problem or query which is put forward to an astrologer. Thus, the subject does not deal only in intuition or miracle to give answers to query. It follows a detailed calculation and then deduces the answer to the querent. Hence the subject of astrology gives utmost importance to the science of drawing a birth chart, assess each of the nine planets and their placements from the list of twelve zodiac signs. The calculation also investigates the ascendant and moon sign which is the starting point for an expert and learned astrologer would analysis the horoscope.

Therefore, the correct position of Ascendant or Lagna and the moon sign gives much understating of the personality, individual nature, aptitude and many more attributes of a native. And the good part is that this will only give one answer unlike other branches of studies which can be vague and give only inferences.

As the twelve zodiac signs deal with multiple aspects faced by an individual. Hence, astrology is the only science which gives detailed analysis to an individual. One can even check out the income or wealth accumulation, relationship with parents and spouse, even relationship with siblings, friends, career, social status and many more. Thus, one can get a complete 360-degree analysis through the science of astrology which is not possible through other branches of studies.

One can understand the balanced picture of strength and weakness and plan out their actions accordingly. The good part is that astrology also has remedies which can be used to improve one’s weakness. Therefore, science is complete in itself, giving analysis and remedial measures from time to time.

[Disclaimer: The above is a astrological guidance and not advised for self-practice. To reach out to any consultation, a request to Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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