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India's horoscope


Dear All.


In the recent weeks, I have been receiving many cases for Astro reading, where people have been enquiring of their career and job prospects. Some of them are blessed with the good support of natal chart. However, for others, I am very disappointed and unable to provide them the factual reason.

Considering so many disappointing cases, I decided to check the status of India, in the upcoming year 2018, through astrology.

In my blog, I have restricted the status of reading only at the economic level, considering the limitation of time and interest of my readers.

As we all know, our Great Country got independence on 15th August 1947, time here has been taking as 12:00 AM and Place as New Delhi. This has been the usual Chart details which most of the astrologers have been following. Considering this, I was little surprised and thanked our great Rishi’s who invested their time in this beautiful science called Astrology.

Many of you would know, that India is presently running the mahadasha of Moon. Moon is conjoined with Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus in the third house of Karka/Cancer Rashi.  The lagna is Taurus/Vrushaba. The Moon mahadasha started from July 2015 and shall last for 10 years until July 2025. Degreecally, Moon is around 4 degrees and 4 minutes, which means Moon is in Baal Awastha. No wonder, in our country almost 70% of the population is below the age of 35 years in the last census that was taken.

In the Moon mahadasha, we are in the antradasha of Rahu. Rahu antradasha started from January 2017 and will last until June 2018. Rahu is placed in the lagna and in the nakshatra of Kritika. This nakshatra is ruled by the lord Sun. Sun represents the Government and placement of Rahu in the nakshatra of Kritika is not auspicious. The decision of Indian Government will come under constant criticism.

As, we have been seen, since, 8th November 2016, the Opposition and the Intellectuals are questioning the decision of Demonetisation and then the hasty implementation of GST. Since Rahu is a Shadow planet, he will blindfold the government of the reality and one after the other, the Government at the Centre will be criticised for the decisions that they will take. Unfortunately, the recovery of these decisions will take time until the first half of 2018. There will be a vacuum in intellectual discussion. No headway will be seen easily. The opposition will constantly blame the government. Though, the people of our country will give full marks to the Government at the center for their integrity. The government will try to control the damage but to limited results, until June 2018. Still, the think tanks within the government will try their best to resolve the issues of Economy, they will see the silver lining of their efforts, but the results will be quite slow.

In the years 2018, the Tax collection of the Indian Government will be worrisome. But, the government will try their best to keep the engine going. They will find some innovative ways to encourage tax collection, which will see results in the second half of the year. Questions can be raised on the virtue of Indirect Tax regime introduced by the ruling government.

During the first half of 2018, Job loss will steadily see a rise. Many start-up businesses will shut down. Many business models will fail. Start-up programmes will see disappointing progress. Natal Rahu in the horoscope, is in the nakshatra of Sun and will leave limited scope for the government to create new job opportunities for the youngsters or help the economy to improve the prevailing job market. The centre will be forced to answer many tough questions. Some internal political difference can lead to insubordination within the political rank and file at the centre. All this will leave the central leadership with limited time to focus on multiple issues. Still, the common man will have faith in the intentions of the central government. This will give a breather to the centre.

After, June 2018, the country will move to the antradasha of Jupiter. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Vishaka. This nakshatra is again ruled by Jupiter.  Around then, private investment will improve. Leading to improvement in the economic activity. But, the Financial institution will be under stress. The Situation will embarrass the government further. Around then, the people moment will again rise. This time, all the political parties will be worried, as the common man will ask tough questions. The ruling and the opposition will lack credible answers to the questions of the common man. Again, the common man will not doubt the intention of the ruling government but will question the ability of the government in economic management.

But, after October 18th, 2018, when Jupiter will move to the 5th house from Moon, Jupiter’s aspect will be on the ascendant as well as the Moon. The common man will turn wise from here on. They will differentiate between the various shades of Grey. Even, the industry will see a change in their functioning. They will work closely with the government to improve the economic situation. Policies of Disinvestment will see the light of the day. Towards the end of 2018, the country will slowly get into the track. Normalcy will be seen then. But, after a long haul.

Thanks for reading patiently.


[Disclaimer: The above readings are part of Mundane astrology readings. You are advised to read them with individual Natal Chart for better results. The readings will see an alter based on the efforts one would invest. For personalized reading, you can write to me at]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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