Italy is in a recession? Very serious problem?

Italy is in a recession? Very serious problem?


Since the end of the last decade (around 2010), many counties in Europe has been in deep economic crisis. One country which has been in news since then for poor economic policies and mismanagement of huge debt crisis has been Italy. Many bail-out packages were offered to them with conditions of austerity however, the fire fighting did not end then.

In a piece of recent news, published in Bloomberg Opinion, it has been highlighted, Italy has moved to a recession once again. The article in the domain was critical of the political instability and poor economic decisions which has led to high debt in the country.

Further to fight the crisis, the IMF and Bank of Italy have tried their best to project an economic expansion plan to take the economy to 0.6% growth for the year 2019. Despite this expansion plan, the Fiscal deficit of the Country is expected to expand further to 2%.

Again, there are more economic adjustments which Italy must arrange with their neighboring countries such as Germany. This would even include an economic adjustment in Balance of Payment.

Since the situation is quite acute, we at decided to analyze the situation through the prism of astrology. We maintain our standard declaration that we do not take part or are partisan to any political or non-political party in our analysis. All the readings are done purely under astrological readings. Hence, we would welcome, any suggestions or corrections from our readers on this article.

Following are the details:

Name: Republic of Italy

Date: 10th June 1946

Time: 18:00 (6:00 PM)

Place: Rome, Italy.

Rahu, Sun Venus,




Natal Chart














From the above chart, one can see, that Italy has both the Ascendant and the Moon sign are Libra. Moon is in Swati nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and the same is deposited in the 8th house. Which clearly means, fundamentally, the country believes in high spends for its people and this would have certainly led to poor economic management. Also, one can see, that the country was born under the influence of Kaal-Sarpa Dosha created by Rahu and Ketu. Therefore, the fundamentals are certainly not healthy.

Again, it was during the Mahadasha of Rahu, that Italy Joined European Union in 1957 (lasted till January 1958). Italy was one of the six core members to initiate and join the European Union.


Now, the first sign of economic trouble that hit the news was in 2009-2010, soon after the economic recovery of USA. So, if we analyze the Natal Chart, Italy was under the influence of Sade sathi, or the Saturn’s 7 ½ phase transit (started around September 2009) and this was the trigging point. Again, it was in the fag-end of Mercury Mahadasha, with Saturn Antradasha. Saturn transit and Antradasha exposed the lacunas in the economy to the whole world.

But thankfully, the start of Ketu Mahadasha around 2010-2011, gave some breathing space to the country and they were supported by the IMF and some neighboring countries such as Germany. But this too was short lived as the Ketu Dasha ended around 2017. It is since then the country has been witnessing both political and economic turmoil.

Italy has moved to the Mahadahsa of Venus, which would last for 20 years. Of which the country would be in Venus Antradasha till May 2020, then in Sun Antradasha till May 2021 and then in Moon Antradasha till January 2023.  All these Antradasha are not going to help the country much, which means, the trouble of recession would be slightly extended. One can even see, the populist moves that were initiated by the government coming to an end. Which means Italy would be forced to undertake austerity measures.

Again, with the upcoming transit of Rahu and Ketu in the month of March 2019, will dim the prospects of the country to get fresh assistance from any institution or country. Thus, the situation looks dim for the revival of Italy in the near future.

However, as this is an astrological prediction, there is always a way if one decides to fight the situation with absolute decision and determination. Therefore, we at wish the people of Italy and the political parties, good luck and hope that you shall recover from this tough situation.

[Disclimer: We maintain the above disclaimer and welcome any feedback or correction, astrologically. Also, you can contact the author for any consultation]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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