March 2019 Astrology Prediction is back here to talk of the month of March 2019. This is a month were many important plants such as Rahu and Ketu would take a move to a new Moon sign. Thus, much would change in the outcome.

Also, towards the end of the month, Jupiter would move advance to Sagittarius. This would bring dynamism and confusion at the same time. Thus, the prediction for March 2019 is very important to one and all.

So, please go through your Moon sign, and plan the month as per the predictions.



The month would not be great to begin. But soon, you would see changes in your favour. Rahu would enhance your courage. Also, towards the end of the month Jupiter, would move to the house of luck, giving you some respite.

Career and Finance wise, the month would be moderate. Though you would not feel disheartened. Since Mar in your sign would boost your confidence to deal with the situations. Professionals would have a great time.

Education wise, students would be sluggish to start learning. This would soon change in your favour. The day would be fulfilling and many of you would make the most of it now. Please maximise gain.



The Month of March 2019, would be excellent. Those in the field of singing, debating, Journalism and litigating experts, would do well. Your oral presentation will be widely accepted. This would add a feather on your cap.

Career and finance will see an increment. Mainly due to your personality. You would be highly impressive. But yes, do not be overconfidence to deal with situations. Just deal with the situation easily.

Students will do well in all forms of exams. Learning would be at its best. This would aid your retention and ability to think on the foot. Logical reasoning would be excellent and you would leave a mark in your favour.



The transit of Rahu upon your sign is a time were difficulties would rise. Add to this is the transit of Saturn which is already creating havoc in your life. So, please remain careful. A Nav-Graha pooja is advisable. Some peace and calmness are likely to set in then.

Career and Finance wise, not a good month. Chances are high to lose your job. Though a small chance is likely to come after 25th March 2019, where Jupiter would move to Sagittarius and aspect your sign. Then you can find some opportunity.

Education wise, students will not be interested in working hard. Please maintain some patience. You would have to pull up your socks. This would soon help in your preparation.



Career-wise, this would be a good month. Rahu moving away from your sign will bring much clarity. You would feel blessed. Divine grace is indicated. This would enhance your achievement.

Career and Finance wise, a rise is indicated. This would be encouraging. You would be glad to gain the most if it. A new opportunity would give you a good chance to earn more.  There is a high chance to invest and make good money.

Education and learning wise, students would do well. Those students appearing for Medical entrance test would clear the same with ease. This would add to your reputation. Just maintain simplicity as this would give you good achievements in life.



Mach 2019 is looking good for Leo native. With Rahu moving to the house of gains, this would add too many achievements around this phase. This would enhance your personality and you would be in limelight throughout the month.

Career and Finance would be better. Dues which was supposed to come to you would come easily. Also, those waiting for promotion can hear good news. This would add to more money in your pockets. So, make the most of it now.

Education wise, Students would do very well in all walks of examination. This would boost your confidence. If planning to appear for a competitive exam, then do take part in the same. Achievements would be high.



Virgo native will see partial progress in March 2019. With Rahu in the house of career, some changes are indicated. Though not palatable initially, but eventually, you would accept the same. Until then remain normal, else you would suffer the wrath.

Career and Finance wise, you would see changes. Though favourably, the positivity would be seen only after 27th March 2019. Therefore, until then, you would feel dejected. Rahu would give you gain, but slowly. But you would eventually

Education wise, Students would do well in vocational learning. Practise what can be easily applied as employable skill. This would not be easy since those working conceptual subjects would find it difficult to practise the same. The choice is limited through.



The Month of March would be mixed of Libra native. Initially, the ease would prevail for all of you. But as Jupiter would move advance to Sagittarius, then there can be slow down in your achievements. Please do not lose hope until then. As Jupiter would come back to complete his transit in Scorpio to grace you good luck.

Career and Finance can be slow initially. But do not lose hope. Soon, you would find some changes which would not be supportive. But as you move ahead, Career and Financial aspect would look good.

Education and Students wise students should not be casual. Since your performance would be good initially, but later towards the end of March 2019, overconfidence can pull you down.



A special month for Scorpio native. Since Rahu would move to Gemini which would suddenly bring gains to your sign. Though obstacles would also rise, solutions would also find its way easily to help you in this month. Just remain positive throughout the month.

Those looking for their ancestral property would certainly see gains. Finance wise, this would be rewarding. Though career would be flat and moderate, you would not feel dejected due to the gains.

Students pursuing a professional course or any Research activity would do well right from the start of the month. Education wise, this would be an excellent month. Many of you would complete their research papers on time and shall be conferred doctorate.



The month of March 2019 would demand caution for Sagittarius native. Since the transit of Rahu and Ketu upon your sign would be serious. Many of your actions would not yield the desired results. This would affect your confidence seriously.

Career and Finance will be hurt. Especially those who are working independently. Please spread your risk. Do not rely upon only one clientele since this can be dangerous. You may lose them during the month. If you can spread the rick, the impact would be less then.

For Students too, this month is not very encouraging. Especially those appearing for Board or University exams. This would take a toll upon your preparation. Try your best to remain focused. This would enable little improvement.



For Capricorn native, the Month of March 2019 will bring much respite. With Ketu moving away from your sign, the initial positivity would be seen to one and all. This would make you feel blessed. Just visit a Nav-Graha temple every day to seek their blessings.

Career and Finance would see little improvement. A Sudden pause in the expenses is likely to rejuvenate your finances. This would also be extended to your career. Those in Marketing would certainly meet their targets by the end of the month.

For Students, the month would be slightly better. This would be a month where you would be able to learn and even return their knowledge. This would give you the required preparations. Maintain the most around this month.



For Aquarius native, March 2019 would be slightly better. Since toward the end of the month, the house of gains would see the support of Saturn and Jupiter together. This would only bring positivity throughout the month. So, make the most in this short span.

Career and Finance would see much progress in this month. This would be the month where you would see actual gains towards the end of the month. So, make the most of it. If possible do save a good portion of your income for future gains.

For students, education and learning will be better. Retention would be good. This would be important since many of you would do well in their academic performance.



March 2019 would be good initially for Pisces native. Especially with Rahu moving to the house of domestic happiness, some clashes cannot be ruled out. Therefore, please remain balanced. This would ensure a better relationship in your family life.

Career-wise, little disturbance would be seen initially. Do not get into the argumentative mode. Since this would affect your routine actions. Please maintain the focused for positive results. Also, Finance wise, the month would be better. You would save a good portion.

Students pursuing any forms of learning would demand some practical experience. This would come to you easily, but only after the initial hard work, you would gain what you desire in your achievements. Please take the help of your mentor in this endeavour.

[Disclimaer: The above is a mere Moon sign prediction. For a personal consultation, please contact the author.]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....