Mark Zuckerberg

Om Nama Shivaya



Name: Mark Zuckerberg

Date of Birth: 14th May 1984

Place of Birth: White Plains, New York, USA.



Asc, Mercury,


Rahu, Sun


Rashi Chart



Jupiter Ketu Saturn, Moon, Mars


Online social media has been replaced with one synonym, Facebook. No doubt, there are several other social media platforms, however, Facebook has solely enjoyed the title. No doubt, the credit to this great journey goes to non-other than the founder of the site Mr Mark, Zuckerberg. In fact, it has been his endeavour which has forced individuals to maintain a virtual identity and consider themselves to be part of the virtual society. No doubt, the vision and dedication of Mark Zuckerberg has reduced the distance of one world corner with the other.

Let us try to assess the reason for his meteoric rise and what made Facebook so popular. At the time of birth, Mark Zuckerberg had Aries as the rising ascendant. Moon is placed in the 7th house in Swati Nakshatra and ascendant sign lord Mars is exchanging signs with the 7th house lord Venus. This forms a Maha-Parivartan yoga in his horoscope. 7th house is the people with whom you deal, and it was this yoga, gave him the opportunity to start Facebook. Again, Venus is the lord of the 2nd house Taurus form ascendant. Now, Venus is in the ascendant which forms a Raj Yog, where the lord of the second is in the first house. This makes him very rich. He has Saturn, exalted in the 7th house which forms Shash yoga, a form of Pancha-Maha purusha yoga. This yoga also made him numero uno in the world of Internet and technology. It was during the Mahadasha of Saturn, Mr Zuckerberg launched Facebook. Finally, he has Laxmi yoga where the lord of 9th house, Jupiter, is placed in his own house, making is very intelligent and earns through his intelligence means via Facebook.

All this has given him an excellent growth in life and he shall be very successful in the coming years. His charm will take Facebook to a new level in the coming days

Wish him good luck.



[Disclaimer: The birth details are from online source]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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