Mars – Transit from 2nd May till 6th November in Capricorn


Mars from space

Mars will transit through Capricorn Moon sign from 2th May till 6th November 2018. During this transit, Mars will remain exalted in the Capricorn Moon sign and shall have an impact for one and all.

Mars, in general, is a planet of courage. On a standalone basis, he symbolizes masculinity. However, in 2018, he would transit along with Ketu in the Moon sign of Capricorn and shall have a mixed result for all the 12 Moon sign. Especially when the two planets will transit through close degree transits. We shall see in this section the transit effect of Mars in the above-mentioned period and the efforts faced by all the 12-moon sign.



Mars is the sign lord of Aries moon sign or ascendant. Mars will transit through the 10th house and again exalted. Being a fiery planet, Mars will energize your personality and career house. You will be in limelight for the next 6 months. The recognition which was missing, the fame which you were eagerly waiting for, the position which you were looking for a long time will now fructify. Overall the transit of Mars will be most fruitful to you.  Only a slowdown from 28th June till 27th August 2018 will make you feel worried.

Remedies: Visit lord Subramanian/Karthik temple every Tuesday. It would add to your positivity.



For Taurus moon sign or ascendant, the results will be mixed. Especially if your ascendant is also Taurus. Since Mars will transit through the Badhaka sthan, health would need attention. If planning to undergo any surgery then please consult an expert Doctor only. There will be a chance to fly abroad. You will be excited about the trip. For some of you, your father will play a key role in your life around this time. Seek their grace as their advice will be words of pearls for you. The transit of Mars will bless you throughout.

Remedies:  Please avoid wearing Red dress throughout the transit of Mars. Being in the Badhaka sthan, he can accentuate the ill effect on your health.



Mars will transit through the Ashataka sthan for Gemini moon sign or Gemini ascendant.  The transit will bring many challenges. Though at the same time, it would bring some positivity. If legacy issues were bothering you, time is auspicious to go for out of court settlement. This will help you to bring much change in your approach. The other advice does not start any new initiative for the next 6 months. Other than the legacy settlement, since the results may not fructify.  Take a back seat and you can weigh your calculated risk. There will be better time ahead.

Remedies: Please avoid taking Red meat on Tuesday and Saturdays.  




For Cancer moon sign and ascendant Mars will move to the 7th house from Cancer. This will form a powerful Ruchak-Yoga. You will be very determined and bold to deal with other. Please do not be short-tempered. This can tempt you to undertake illegal activities. Do not be on the wrong side of the law by any chance. Again, you will suffer from Mangal dosh for the next 6 months. This will affect your marital life. Therefore, please do not press for getting into a nuptial knot. You will regret your decisions. Married couples should be careful in their conduct.

Remedies: No addictions please of any form. Your mind under intoxication will be full of vengeance.




Leo moon sign or ascendant will have a good phase during Mars transit over Capricorn during the 6 months from 2nd May until 6th September 2018. If dealing with any legal matter, you will be triumphal in presenting your case. This will uplift your status in the society. Make sure you are genuine to present the case to get full results in your favor.  The only advice is not to drive late night. Since the conjunction of Mars and Ketu will turn dangerous. Try to restrain from any adventurous activities. This can lead to hospitalization related problems.

Remedies: Visit Vaidyanath or Dhanwantri temple on Monday’s or Wednesday during this transit.




With Mars in the house of intelligence, you will be very alert and active throughout the next six months. But please do not be suspicious. This would be ingrain in your blood. Alternatively, excellent phase for students planning to pursue higher studies. They would be in an advantageous position in all walks of life. Good time to seek foreign university selection. You can also be granted University scholarship. So, make the most of it in the Mars transit. Only advise to all is do not seek anything in return for your good deeds. They would not help you in any manner.

Remedies: Visit Subramanian or Hanuman temple every Tuesday.



Excellent time to invest in real estate. Those looking to invest in a new property should consider initiating the same. The best part is, if already planned in advanced, then the next 6 months will allow you to fulfil your desire. This will give you much confidence required to achieve what you desire. But, yes, make sure, the title of the property is out of any dispute. Also, the next 6 months is very auspicious as you mother will play a very potent role in your life. Their grace will enhance your spirit.

Remedies: Avoid non-veg food on Tuesdays please.




The transit is the most auspicious to Scorpio moon sign, other than Aries if any. Being your sign, lord, he would be exalted for most of the year 2018. Your courage will be very high. Those serving in defense, bureaucracy or government job are assured to receive their due promotion. New circle will enhance your glory. The last phase of sade sathi will subside during the exaltation phase of Mars from May to November 2018. Very good time for athletes. Your performance will make you win many accolades. So, do earn the name and fame which you deserve for.

Remedies: Avoid non-veg food on Tuesdays, please.



The transit of Mars in the second house of income and family will raise your status and income. Though Mars is the owner of house loss, still his transit during the next 6 months will help you to gain across standards. So, make the most of it during this transit. Now, some of your relatives may come and say with you during this transit. They would need some help and you would extend the same wholeheartedly. Just ensure this does not affect your family life in any manner.  Rest all will be fine.

 Remedies: No adventurous tour, please.  A mishap is likely around this time.




This is a very aggressive time for you. Over the past few months, Ketu upon your sign and Saturn’s sade sathi from October 2017 would have slowed down your progress. This should be reversed around this time. The next six months will help you in this endeavour. Your bold nature will surprise many and you shall be very impressive to one and all. Only word of caution is to avoid overconfidence. This will increase the wrath of lord Saturn. Therefore, remain low where ever is needed. Also, do not get into any rage or street fight please.

Remedies: Stay away from sharp items. You can suffer from cuts and wounds which will lead to infection.



For Kumbha rashi, the transit will be in the 12th house form your sign. This is not a very good time for any legal fight. You can be wrongly implicated. So please maintain a distance from unlawful activity. Also, this is the time where you will get along with wrong friend’s circle. They can tempt you to undertake any wrong action. Hence, please refrain from such individuals. Since, you can be charged as a part of a conspiracy. Visit Hanuman temple on Tuesday and Saturdays. Some divinity will prevail and you will stand to remain blessed.

Remedies: Refrain from such ulterior motive friends who will tempt you to undertake wrong actions.



The transit of Mars in the house of 11th house from your sign is very gainful. The house of gains will remain very strong. Especially after August 2018, you will see progress happening and you will gain from foreign travel and exports business. Therefore, make the most of it. Even elders will bless you around this time. Their grace will uplift you and enlighten you. Also, make it a point to visit your family temple around this transit. Since this will add to the grace factor. Let this be a family visit

Remedies: Visit your family temple or Shiva temple throughout the transit of Mars. This will improve the gain factor.

[Disclaimer: The above readings are purely based on the transit effects. For Individual results, native are advised to consult me at the Contact section]



Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....