Mercury transit in December 2017

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Mercury retrogrades at least three times every year. Mercury will also turn retrograde for the last time in the month of December 2017. He will retrograde in the rashi Dhanu and then slowly move back to Vrischika rashi. Mercury will turn retrograde from 3rd December till 23rd December 2017. Around 11th of December 2017, Mercury will move back to Vrischika rashi.

Mercury symbolises communication, banking and insurance, or the entire BFSI, Accounting, Mental faculty, calculations, book publication or publication in general etc. Therefore, Mercury turning retrograde has much significance. Let us see how will Mercury retrograde will impact.

– All important communication should be analyzed before being released or published.  The author, in this case, is advised to postpone the actual date of launch by few weeks, as the desired event may not prove worthwhile.

– All accounting activity needs care. You should be very careful with passing entry in the books of the journal. Avoid wrong entries. Else, you will have to redo the entire exercise.

– Investing in Banking and Insurance stocks needs caution. Correction cannot be ruled out. The calculation needs logical approach. Else, you will be in trouble.

– Media and Journalist can be questioned about their integrity. But, be genuine in your efforts. Else, you will pay a heavy price. Time is not in your favor in this case.

The above effects will be severe after 11th December 2017 when Mercury will turn retrograde and move to the sign of Vrischika. Here he will be on the nakshatra of Jyeshta and Jyeshta nakshatra is owned by Mercury himself. This will add to a multitude of problems. Until 23rd December2017, one should be careful with the retrograde transit of Mercury.

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[Disclaimer: The above readings are general readings. They may have a personal experience. However, readers are advised to consider the mahadasha and antradasha effects before coming to any conclusion]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....