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Please find the monthly prediction for the month of May 2018. These readings are based on Moon signs. My readers are requested to check their individual Rashi and then check their respective predictions. If not sure of your Moon sign, then please contact me for free to know your Moon sign.

Planets transit for the month of May 2018.

02/05/2018  Mars from Sagittarius to Capricorn

09/05/2018  Mercury from Pisces to Aries

14/05/2018   Venus from Taurus Gemini

15/05/2018   Sun from Aries to Taurus

27/05/2018   Mercury from Aries Taurus

Other Major transit

– Jupiter (R) – Libra.

– Saturn – Sagittarius.

– Rahu and Ketu in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.



Nakshatras: Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika (1) pada nakshatras.

The month starts with excellent phase. Sun in your sign and sign lord Mars turning exalted. There is a rise in your career status. Your fame will reach a new level. Confidence will be high. Good month for athletes. Professional achievements will delight you completely. Overall a good month. For students appearing for competitive exams before 14th May 2018 are sure to succeed. Even health will be very supportive. Many of you will plan a diet schedule and exercise to remain fit and tone. Only those suffering from Blood pressure are advised to constantly check their BP level.

Dates to be cautious: 1st to 3rd. Then from 11th to 13th May 2018.

Remedies: Avoid any form of infatuation. This will affect your credibility.



Nakshatra: Krittika (2), (3), and (4) pada, Rohini, Mrigasira (1) and (2) pada.

The most fortunate day. With Mars in the house of luck and exalted, many of your desires will fructify. The wrath of Saturn will reduce to some extent. Also, after 14th May 2018, Sun would move to your sign. Prestige is certain to rise. Make sure you make the most. New role or job is likely. Long distance travel, especially to a foreign land is also likely. Those handling paternal business will see a rise in profits. Singles will find a special person in their life. A simple matchmaking is advisable. Overall it would be a very good month.

Dates to be cautious: 3rd  to 5th . Then from 13th to 15th May 2018.

Remedies: Avoid over aggression and anger. This will not help you in any manner.



Nakshatra: Mrigasira (3) and (4) pada, Arudra Nakshatra and Punarvasu (1), (2) and (3) Pada.

The start of the month will see some obstacles along the way. This can be reduced with sound pondering. Make sure you consult your near and dear ones. Since they would not mislead you. If in any form of dispute within your family for property or legacy issues, then allow the dispute to get settled in a peaceful manner. Else, it would be a prolonged legal dispute with minimum outcome only. Do not allow any form of negative outcome to prevail. For females, your health would need attention. Join pains, backaches and monthly cycle are all important areas to be checked.

Dates to be cautious: 5th to 7th. Then from 15th to 17th May 2018.

Remedies: Avoid and legacy disputes. If serious, an Aikamatya Sukta can be chanted daily.



Nakshatra: Punarvasu (4) Pushya Nakshatras, Aslesha Nakshatras

A very good month. After a long gap, you will find some close associate help you. You will be in a better position to deal with routine matters. Help form unknown corners are assured. Make sure you take the advantage to the fullest. Opponents who were drifting away from being on the same page will now see eye to eye with your point of view. The month will provide many positive phases in life. Health will need some attention. Especially your intake of non-veg protein. This can lead to high cholesterol. Students pursuing higher studies will show interest in enduring internship.

Dates to be cautious: 7th  to 9th . Then from 17th to 18th May 2018.

Remedies: Do not take part in any competition with poor preparation. Make sure you know your opponent from head to toe.



Nakshatra: Magha; Purva Phalguni and Uttra Phalguni (1) Pada

An excellent month for Leo. With Sun transiting through the house of luck and again exalted will improve your fortunes. Especially from 3rd to 28th May, Sun will be very powerful. Your personality will be highly impressive. Be in education, competition, any profession, foreign travel and many more positive phases is likely in your horoscope is likely to uplift your fortunes in all walks of life. Also, your father or paternal figure in personal life will be highly supportive. Please seek their blessings and guidance for better progress. This will bring phenomenal results in all walks of your life.

Dates to be cautious: 10th and 11th May and later 19th and 20th May 2018.

Remedies:  Keep a Golden yellow cloth in your pocket for better results. This will improve your fortunes and achievements.



Nakshatra: Uttra Phalguni (2), (3) and (4); Hasta and Chitra nakshatra (1) and (2)

The month will start on a slow note. The first half of the month will be full of obstacles. This will reduce your confidence. There will be problems and differences of opinion with your in-laws. Please stay away from such confrontations, please. This will not yield any good results. Please stay away from such a scenario.  As you move to the second half of the month which is after 14th May 2018, your fortune and luck will improve. The grace of Lord Sun will energize and enshrine your future. New ideas will brew and give excellent results.

Dates to be cautious: 21st , 22nd and 23rd May 2018.

Remedies:  Avoid any form of addiction. This will not help you stay healthy.



Nakshatra: Chitra (3), (4); Swathi; Vishaka (1), (2), (3) Pada.

Good time to consider investing in property. If looking out for one for long, you will succeed in shortlisting one. Therefore, make the most of it. The entire month is good to make in the initial payment. Make sure your registration is done on an auspicious date. This will enhance the auspicious phase in your life. Therefore, please do consider the good and auspices of the month and then take the decision. The only word of caution is to look after the health of your mother. They would need your attention. Quick medication will be beneficial.

Dates to be cautious: 24th, 25th and 26th May 2018.

Remedies:  Please visit Dhanwantri temple or Vaidyanath temple for mother’s health.



Nakshatra: Vishaka (4) Pada, Anuradha, and Jyeshta Nakshatras.

A month of complete relief. With over the past many months, you have been struggling as Jupiter in the house of 12th and Saturn in the house of 2nd from your sign. Therefore, you have been below average for a long time. The tough time lasted for long. But, now the month of May 2018 will be the first month for betterment. From now for long, time will slowly improve in your favor. Especially those struggling in career will soon find a suitable career option. Overall respect in society and gains from your actions will benefit you in all possible manner.

Dates to be cautious: 27th, 28th and 29th May 2018.

Remedies: Wearing a Ruby will be highly beneficial at this time. But take an expert view before wearing the same.



Nakshatra: Moola; Purva Ashada and Uttra Ashada (1) Pada

After a tiring money of March and April, Finally, Saturn and Mars are apart from each other. Therefore, you will feel some relaxation. Mars will be exalted in the second house from your sign. He is exalted. The gains will be high, but at the same time, you are advised to take care of expenses. Some time, an impulsive decision is not going to help you in the long run. Please remain careful. The outflow will drain your savings. This will need some control of temptation.

Dates to be cautious: 1st, 2nd 30th and 31st May 2018.

Remedies: Please avoid red meat during the entire month.



Nakshatra: Uttra Ashada (2), (3) and (4) pada; Shravana and Dhanishta Nakshatra.

After a long time, you will now stand to gain. With Ketu in your sign, Saturn’s sade sathi, all reduced your stamina and energy to the fullest. Therefore, you were not able to overcome obstacles. But, with Mars exalted in your sign, you will now be in a much better phase. Be it a career, education, health or any competition you will earn respect and status in the society. The month will be excellent in all walks of life. Make sure you follow the remedies mentioned below. This will tone down the effects of Mars.

Dates to be cautious: 3rd, 4th and 5th of May 2018.

Remedies: Please Visit Kartik/Subramanian Swamy temple every Tuesday. This will help Mars to bless you with grace.



Nakshatra: Dhanishta (3) and (4); Shatabisha and Purvabhadra nakshatra

Some caution is advised. Especially with your tongue. With Mars exalted in the house of loss you can easily invite foes out of confrontation mood. Therefore, you will be asked to remain low profile throughout the month. Else the confrontation will not be yield any result. A foreign journey is on the cards. But this will come with many responsibilities. Therefore, please do not take them lightly. Try to make the most of it during this entire month. With Saturn in the house of gains, you will be saved by the bell. Just follow some daily rituals.

Dates to be cautious: 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2018.

Remedies: Visiting Nav-Graha temple on Thursdays will be beneficial.



Nakshatra: Purva Bhadra (4), Uttra Bhadra Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra

You are another lucky sign to gain from the transit of Mars. The entire month will be gainfull. Efforts invested in the past will not go in vain, though Saturn is placed in the house of career which is 10th house form your sign, will reduce his wrath. Therefore, the gains will continue to be good throughout. Elders in the family, especially from the paternal side, will guide you both spiritually and intellectually. Please seek their advice from time to time. One point is assured, gains are definite during the entire month.

Dates to be cautious: 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2018.

Remedies: Use Pure Red dress as much as possible.

[Discliamer: All the above readings “Monthly Astrology Prediction – May 2018”  are as per transit report. Readers are advised to check their individual mahadasha and antardasha effects along with other details. Only then they are advised to conclude the readings]


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