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“Numbers speak louder than words” it is here where we see the message that numbers provide to us than mere words. If you believe in this, then you are in the right page once again. is here again to provide the 2019 Numerology prediction for all the dates, encapsulated between 1 to 9 in any month. The year 2018 that passed by had many good and average occasions. However, the year 2019 is quite different, and a detailed prediction has been mentioned below.

My standard disclaimer is that this is a general prediction. Though many of you would experience similar effects, however, to get specific results, you would need to have to take private consultation with me. You can Contact the author.

Now, let us look at the year 2019 in general. Here the ruling number for 2019 will be 2+0+1+9=12=1+2=3. Thus, the year 2019 will be ruled by number 3, which signifies Jupiter. Therefore, this would be the year of wisdom, knowledge, overall expansion, righteous actions, strong memory power, excellent period for students and academicians, many inventions can take place, good for lawyers, journalist, Politicians, travellers, especially travelling to religious places, good food etc., A year where distinguished men would be recognised for their effort in all walk of their life.  Thus, the year 2019 would bring good results, in general to one and all.

Let us check the 2019 predictions, for those born in different dates ranging from 1-9 of any months.

Number 1: This number is ruled by the Sun. This number also signifies someone born with the starting alphabet in their first name as A, I, J, Q and Y. Again, if you are born in any of the dates: 1st, 10th 19th and 28th in any month, then you are ruled by the numerology, number 1.

The year 2019 will be very complementing to you. As ruled by Sun you are a person born to be a king.  At the same time, you would always indulge in your role, only when you have a wise council of ministers. The year 2019 would provide you with opportunities to find a good counsellor. Yes, you would come across someone who would pave the way for you. They would clear all your doubts and will help you to open the door of opportunity, thereby enhancing your achievements. This is also true to those born in number 1 and is currently running Jupiter Mahadasha in their natal chart. Also, a good year for native who are running:  10th, 19th, 28th and 37th years of age. Much of your planning will now take shape and you would emotionally thank your mentor who would enable these success stories.

Lucky months: January, April, October and November 2019.


Number 2: The number is ruled by Moon. This number also signifies someone born with the starting alphabet with B, K and R, then you will be represented by the Number 2. Also, native born on the following dates: 2,11,20 and 29. Then your ruling number is 2.

For those born in Number 2, 2018 had brought many changes in your life. You would have relished many of the same. In fact, this would have boosted your confidence. However, 2019 is a year of introspection. As much water has flown and you have taken a deep dive to tread even in trouble waters too. In fact, 2019 would test your metal. You would have planned and acted accordingly until now, but this year, you would need to relook at your plans, make last minute changes and even adopt a completely new plan. The execution part and the drawing board may not sync. Especially those who are 11, 20, 29 and 47 years of age or are running this age in the year 2019. Therefore, your mantra should be to relook at your planning and actions for better achievements.

Lucky months: February, April, June and August 2019


Number 3: The number is ruled by Jupiter. This number also signifies someone born with the starting alphabet with C, G, L and S, or if born on the date: 3, 12, 21 and 30 in any month, then your ruling number is 3.

2019 is ruled by number 3 and you would stand to gain throughout this year. Jupiter rules this year and you would stand to gain in every walk of life. Especially those dealing with Legal activities, Judiciary, Administration, Politics, Teaching and mentoring, Researchers, Book writers etc., would impress one and all during this year. In fact, until last year, you would have worked hard on building your foundation in any walk of life. This year, you would bear fruits for your efforts and planning. The year would be a turning point to many of you, more so to those who are running the age of 12, 30, 39 and 48 years of age. You would be delighted with your achievements and shall be felicitated too for your achievements. Make the most during the year, else you would have to wait for long then.

Lucky Months: March, April, May and December 2019.


Number 4: The number is ruled by Uranus. If the starting alphabet of your name starts with D, T and M. Or If you are born on the 4th, 13th and 22nd of any month, then you are ruled by the number 4.

2019 would bring many surprises to you. Sudden gains are likely to the native of this number. You would be overwhelmed towards the middle of the year, as the start of the year would bring many achievements. You would reach the pinnacle of achievements which were hardly in your sight. Especially those into business as you would sign a long-term business deal. Even more to those who are in the age of ’40s.  This would bring mutual benefits to the parties involved. The only word of caution is to take a firm legal and financial opinion. Since there can be commitments at both the end to bind. Failing which can lead to some penalties in the long-run. However, the good part is that you would be through with your homework before getting into any deal, though the above was merely a caution.

Lucky Months: January, April, July, September, October and November 2019.


Number 5: The number is ruled by Mercury. If starting alphabet of your name starts with E, H, N and X. or if you are born on the following dates: 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month, then you are ruled by the number 5.

The year is considered quite excellent for those born in number 5. In fact, number 5 and 3 gels well in numerology, since both represent knowledge and they complement each other for enhancing human well-being. This year is also very good for those seeking some excitement in their career. More so to those in the field of academics. There can be opportunities to travel abroad and accomplish career task. You would be quite successful in your work and this would speak for your ability. For those pursuing Research related studies, especially in Finance, Economics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics and Statistics shall do very well. This is also a good year for those running their age of 14th, 23rd, 32nd and 50th year of age, in this number. So, you can choose the timing accordingly and present your paper. You would leave a good mark throughout the year.

Lucky Months: March, April, May, September and December 2019.

Number 6The number is ruled by Venus. If your first name starts with the following alphabets U, V and W or if born on the date: 6th, 15thand 24th of any date, then you are ruled by Number 6.

2019, is a special year for those who are born in number 6. As 2019 stands for 3, and 6 form a part of family numbers. This will be a year good for one and all in this number. Even more to those who are in the industry of Music and entertainment. Again, to those native born in the date of 6 and are running the age of 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51 years of age in 2019, your career would see a rise. You would see a sudden rise in your luck and fortune as your hard work would pay you good results. So, make the most to enjoy the year 2019 completely. Make sure you sign all important deal on the date that represents either 3rd, 6th or 9th in any month. More particularly in the lucky months mentioned below. This would make it a remarkable year for you.

Lucky Numbers:  March, April, June, September and December 2019.


Number 7:  The number is ruled by Neptune. If your first name starts with the alphabet: O and Z or if you are born on the dates of 7th, 16th, and 25th of any month, then you are ruled by the number 7.

This is a year where you would be more towards spirituality. Since your number also represents Ketu in the Vedic Numerology system, number 3 of the year 2019 would make good in occult science and spiritual science which would earn you respect for your good work. At the same time, you can be impatient, so please maintain patients as success does not come overnight. 2019 would be full of new ideas to you, but do follow them one by one than gulping the entire at one go. For those born in this date and are also running their 25th, 34th and 43rd years of age can look for an alternative career. This would be rewarding, although initial hiccups cannot be ruled out. Do wear, purple color cloths or do carry a purple color cloth for good luck. This would enhance the overall achievements in 2019.

Lucky Month: April, July and December 2019.

Number 8: The number is ruled by Saturn. If born with the following alphabets as your starting first name F and P or if born on the following dates of 8th, 17th and 26th of any month, then you are ruled by the number 8.

Being ruled by Saturn, the slowest planet, your sign would finally reach its destination. For the past 3 years, you would have worked on your desire and shall have waited for the right time to celebrate. Thus, you have finally reached your destination now. 2019, is the year where you would relish your achievements to the maximum. This is also a good year for those to redeem their investments. Especially those who had invested three years ago. Returns would be excellent and you would use; both the capital and its returns for a better purpose. Those born in number 8 and are running the are of 17, 26, 35 and 44 years of age and planning to enter the start-up world, will do very well. Make sure you do not speculate and go long on your venture.  You can either start afresh or pick up equity to make your presence felt.

Lucky Month: March, May, August and December 2019.

Number 9: The number is ruled by Mars.  If born on 9th, 18th and 27th of any month, then you are ruled by the number 9. There is no alphabet attached to the number 9.

The year 2019 will be quite rewarding for those born in this number. This is because 2019 stands for number 3 and it is quite compatible with Number 9. Those who have been into the construction business and were unable to complete any project in the past will see success in the year 2019. This would enhance your reputation and shall help you win more project for the future. Even in general career would be on a rise in the entire year of 2019. This is also a good year for students pursuing a professional course such as Architecture, Chartered Accounts, Law, Company Secretaryship etc., as you would easily complete your final academic year in 2019. You would be ready to hit the job market and shall easily find a good opportunity. In the health front, just take care of not putting on weight. It would be better to even check your cholesterol level.

Lucky Months: March, May, June and September 2019.

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....