Problems with Progeny?

Problems with Progeny or Problems at Childbirth & What They Mean


Every married couple aspires to get a child through their wedlock. It is usually believed that marriage is to ensure that there is a union ship between a Man and the Women. It is a relationship where the duo not only agree to share with each other emotionally physically their happiness and other achievements.

Though whatever is shared between the duo, the same comes with certain commitments. For instances, one can share physical properties with their better half. But whatever one would share with their better half, it comes with many responsibilities. Responsibilities? Yes! a responsibility of commitment. These responsibilities form the foundation of their relationship. One such responsibility is to raise a family. This is not only sharing each other physically but also share emotionally with each other. In fact, most married couples love to enjoy their parenthood as a mutual responsibility. It is one of the first commitment that the duo would plan once they settle in their marital relationship.

But not everyone is lucky in this matter, Why?

In Indian tradition, any arranged marriage would lead to matchmaking for entering nuptial knot. Sometimes, it so happens that the couple does not match horoscopes before marriage. This leads to some problem or the other, of which progeny is one such problem. Since, if matchmaking is carried out before marriage, then the point of progeny would be considered well in advance. If they do not take this account, then this can lead to cases of delay in progeny, or they can be denied progeny in extreme cases.

In either of these cases, usually, a couple would consult a learned and expert astrologer who can help them to solve their problems. The expert astrologer in this can provides child astrology or childbirth prediction in Kundli by examining the horoscope of the two individuals.

If there is no such support which is seen in the horoscope, then they would need Astrological remedies for Childbirth problems.

How is this identified in the horoscope?

The problems related to Childbirth can be easily identified by the analysis of two individual horoscopes. Each of them can be examined independently and collectively for the same. One of the ways is to check the matchmaking between the two. If the matchmaking would see any shortcomings, then appropriate remedies would have been recommended to them.

Again, there is another point of view which must be considered. Such as Mangal Dosh, Karl-Sarpa Dosha etc. All this would affect the native’s This would be to examine the two horoscopes for any special dosh or affliction of the 5th house from the ascendant.  If so, then such cases would also need solutions to overcome their problems. Therefore, one would need to analyze these problems in detailed and then a learned and expert astrologer would provide solutions.

Why type of solutions are recommended for Childbirth?

When one would talk about astrology solutions, then there are many options. The solutions can be in the form of Poojas, it can be in the form of a gemstone to either of them or to both. Since some of the planets may not be strong enough to give the desired results. Hence a gemstone would become a permanent solution. At times it can be also yantra which would help the couples and many more.

[Disclaimer: The above astrological guidance and not advised for self-practice. To reach out to any consultation, a request to Contact the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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