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Name: Rajinikanth

Date of Birth: 12th December 1950

Place of Birth: Bangalore







Rashi Chart




Moon, Mars




Venus, Mercury




Saturn, Ketu

Rajinikanth needs no introduction in India and to Indian cinema. Born to Maharashtrian parents as Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, raised and educated in Bangalore and then turned out to be a Super Start in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth is one of the perfect examples of one born with a wooden spoon and then raised to be a Superstar.

Recently on 31st December 2017, actor Rajinikanth formally announced his entry into Politics. This makes a perfect example to assess his horoscope in the light of his recent decision and to check his future scope.

Rajinikanth entered in the Cinema Word when he was running Rahu Mahadasha. Rahu Mahadasha lasted until 1982 and then he entered the Jupiter mahadasah. It was during the Jupiter Mahadasha he attained fame and was highly successful with many super hits in his name. In fact, it is the same Jupiter which made him highly spiritual and give me the means and status in life. As many know that Super Star Rajinikant is an ardent devotee of Lord Raghavendra.

His Jupiter mahadasha lasted till 1998 and then he entered Saturn Mahadasha which lasted until the end of December 2017. Presently he has just entered the Mahadasha of Mercury. He is also under the antradasha of Mercury in the same Mahadasha. The entire Mercury mahadasha will last till 2034 and the antradasha of Mercury will last till June 2020. In fact, it is the antradasha of Mercury which will give him a rise in Political career and he shall see many great progress in his new avatar. Nothing to get surprised, once he decides to participate in the election, he will also be elected as an MP by the gods will.

The only care which the actor must take care is his health. Being of Makar rashi, he is in the influence of Saturn’s sade sathi. This should be the third sade sathi and his heath will need at most attention. Until March 6th 2019, Ketu will also transit through Markar rashi, which will lead to some confusion. Though this will slowly dispel after October 2018, when lord Jupiter will move to the 11th house in transit.

On part of Vedicastroservice.com, wish him good health and great prospects in his new avatar.


[Disclaimer: The birth details are from online sourse]



Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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