Saturn transit from 26th October 2017 till 26th January 2020. Vedic Prediction

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                                                                             II नवग्रह स्तोत्र II
                                                                  नीलांजन समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम् I
                                                                  छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् II


Dear all,

Please find the unique prediction of Saturn transit from 26th October 2017 till 26th January 2020. The prediction is unique since I have provided the Vedic readings as well as us sub lord and its effects on Saturn’s transit over each of the 12 cuspal sub lords.  I request my readers to follow both since some of these readings will be interesting to many of you who are reading it for the first time.

The readings on Cus lord has been posited separated to avoid confusion.

The Vedic predictions are mentioned below.

Saturn transit from 26th October 2017 till 26th January 2020.

Aries/Mesha rashi: For Mesha rashi native, Saturn will move to the 9th house from the existing 8th house. This brings the end of Ashtamashani in transit and would begin the Bhagya Shani in the 9th house, Which means Saturn will transit int he 9th house from your sign. The situation improves for most but travelling abroad will be restricted. If in export-related business, then your funds will be blocked.  Luck will not easily support you. Though hard-work will pay you good results.

Taurus/Vrushaba rashi: For the native of Vrushaba rashi, the time is very severe. The phase of Karnataka shani, Saturn in the 7th house from your sign, has ended and the tough time of Ashtamashani, Saturn in the 8th house from your sign, has begun. First, you are advised not to travel late night. Chances of accidents are high. More importantly be careful of food poisoning. This can be due to the poor quality of food intake. You will take time to recover if not careful. This will be difficult times if natal chart is also not supportive

Gemini/Mithuna rashi: You will see the rise of Kantaka Shani form the present Saturn’s transit over the 6th house. This will increase chances of fights between married couples. Partners who are dating will also get into silly fights. Please maintain your temperament as silly fights will be very disturbing.  This can lead to temporary separations too. If in business, then partners are requested to maintain consensus. On the other hand, Saturn will improve your career opportunities in service.

Cancer/Karka rashi: For the native of Karaka rashi, Saturn will move to the 6th house for your sign. 6th house is a good transit position. Saturn does more good in this transit. You will see a rise in your competitive spirit. Career will be on a rise and also, new opportunities to deal with high-handed people will put you in the limelight. Financial condition will see improvement. Also, if any litigation is pending, then the results will be in your favour.  Overall, Saturn’s transit is favourable to you.

Leo/Sinha rashi: Saturn will move to the 5th house from your sign. This phase will see some tension. Your Children may not listen to you. Their education or health will be a matter of concern. Saturn will demand caution. Keep an eye on their upbringing. Else, you will be blamed for poor upbringing. Expenses will be high. This can eat your savings but would be a priority for you now. Efforts will bring better results around this time.

Virgo/Kanya rashi: For Kanya rashi, you will enter the Ardha-Ashtamashani. This is also called as Kantaka Shani. Saturn will be in the 4th house. Some tension at home is likely. This will lead to mental disturbance. The effect of Saturn in the 4th house will be half of Ashtamashani, hence it is called Ardha-Ashtamashani. Vehicle driving should be done with care. Purchase of new property should be postponed for some more time. The health of your mother will also be delicate and you too can suffer minor ailments.     

Libra/Tula rashi: For the native of Tula Rashi, this is your movement. You are out of the efforts of Saturn’s sade sathi, completely. This will see a marked improvement in your personal and professional growth. Saturn in the 3rd house from your sign will make you courageous and matured. This will improve your achievements in life. You will also see excellent growth of income and status in life. If unmarried, then this Saturn transit will help you to find a good partner. If the natal horoscope is also supportive, then this is your movement.

Scorpio/Vrischika rashi: Native of this rashi will enjoy their sigh of relief. Since this will see the end of Peak of Sade Sathi. Saturn will move to the 2nd house from your rashi. Income will be sporadic and see some problems in getting the flow correct. Saturn in the second house demands some caution while spending money. Some family dispute can be disturbing. But, you will be matured enough to handle differences. If employed or in business, then be careful while dealing with others, especially with money matters.

Sagittarius/Dhanu rashi: You are advised to be careful now. Since Saturn will enter your rashi, this will be the peak of your sade sathi. You are advised to be cautious in all aspects of life. Be it education, career, personal life, health etc, all of them will see a sluggishness. Visiting Saturn temple will be helpful to most of you. Also, do not easily believe in others. That does not mean you remain suspicious.

Capricorn/Makar rashi: Native of your rashi will see the first phase of Saturn’s sade sathi. Since this will introduce you to slow down and you will face the challenges accordingly. Expenses will be on a rise. Also, if planning to start a new business or changing your job, please accept It only after consulting an astrologer. During the peak of Saturn’s sade sathi the natal horoscope support is a must. You can be deceived easily. Or the company can wind up completely.

Acquires/Kumbha rashi:  You are the luckiest of the whole 12 signs. Since Saturn will move to the 11th house. 11th house is the house of fulfilment of desire. Sign lord Saturn in the house of gains is a divine grace. This will improve your ability in all spheres of life. Saturn will improve the happy movements in life. You will also see a rise in social status. Singles will find a suitable match. If married and planning to raise a family, then Saturn will bless you with a child.  


Pisces/Meena rashi: Saturn will move to the 10th house from your rashi. This will see the rise of Kantaka shani to your sign, which means Saturn in the 10th house. 10th house is considered for career and Saturn transit through the Career house means obstacles are likely to rise. You can be demoted if the natal chart is not supportive. Please do not leave any pending jobs in the office. Also, if planning to start a new job, then you are advised to consult some expert and then accept the new job. Native in business, your money could be stuck with vendors. Please focus on the ageing list problems. Saturn will demand disciple.

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[Disclaimer:  The degree of impact here will depend on the natal horoscope. The Ashtakavarga scores, Mahadaha and antradasha. Hence my readers are advised not to read the transit results in isolation]



Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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