Sonia Gandhi and her Health in 2019

Sonia Gandhi and her Health in 2019.


Smt Sonia Gandhi or Sonia Maino, known before her wedding with Later Sri Rajiv Gandhi, hails from Italy. She Married Late Sri Rajiv Gandhi around 1968 and have been in Indian Since 1983. As we all know, she has been inactive politic after the assignation of Sri Rajiv Gandhi, by the then LTTE and she took over as party president since 1998.

From there on her journey in the Indian Politics have been on an upward trajectory where she was instrumental to bring Back INC into the powers of New Delhi, in the 2004 general elections. From there on till 2014, the INC lead the UPA coalition where again she was in the helm of its affairs.

It was around in 2012, where she suffered from some health ailment (undisclosed) and she underwent treatment in the USA. She has been since then taken a back seat in active politics and let her son Sri Rahul Gandhi took on the working of the party.

Thus, we at decided to analyze her horoscope. We maintain our standard disclaimer, that we do not support or oppose any political party and have been sharing these details purely on astrological grounds. We would always invite suggestions or corrections if any on the same.

Below are the birth details of Smt Sonia Gandhi.

Date of Birth: 09th December 1946.

Place of Birth: Turin, Italy.

Time of Birth: 21:30 (09:30 PM)

*Source: Online Website.

Rahu Moon
Rashi Chart Asc, Saturn
Mars Mercury, Ketu, Sun Venus, Jupiter

From the Above horoscope, the first we checked was the accuracy of the details. So, the first we did was to check the Mahadasha and Antradasha of Smt Sonia Gandhi around 1991. We found that she was running Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Antradasha. Rahu Antradasha clearly indicated the loss of her spouse (Late), Sri Rajiv Gandhi.

Also, we cross-checked the timeframe of 2012, where she was running Mercury Mahadahsa and Saturn Antradasha. Saturn is a Markesh (7th house owner) form the ascendant. Thus, there is an ailment which she is suffering from then, abelite it is under control now. Considering these details, we decided to proceed with the analysis.

So, Smt Sonia Gandhi is of Karka Or Cancer Lagna and Gemini or Mithuna Rashi. With this, we have analyzed her horoscope.

In fact, Smt Sonia Gandhi is of Adra nakshatra, 1st Pada. Thus, presently she is Running Ketu Mahadasha and Mercury Antradasha, until July 2019.  Thereafter she would be in the Mahadasha of Venus, for 20 years. In fact, this is the time where she must be very careful of, her health.

Since Venus is the Badhakesh in her horoscope, she can suffer much health ailment after July 2019. Another reason to worry is that she is of Mithuna Rashi, and already Saturn has moved to the Maraksthan (2nd and 7th house, Moon or Ascendant) form her Moon sign. Which again indicates that her health can see much problems in the coming months.  Even more to worry is the time after 6th March 2019, were Rau and Ketu would also move to Mithuna and Dhanu Rashi, respectively. Along with Ketu, Saturn in the 7th house from Moon sign will add havoc on her health. Therefore, we sincerely request her to look after any ailment with absolute care and caution.

Usually, the transit of Rahu and Ketu would not have harmed her much, but with Saturn too, joining the two nodes, it is important to be careful of her health. Again, her entry of Venus Mahadasha from July 2019, which happens to be Badhakesh, all demands absolute caution.

Thus, the present year and even 2020, may not be a good year for Smt Sonia Gandhi with respect to her health and this would further make her appear less in public life.

If we are able to share these analyses to Smt Sonia Gandhi, we would be glad to suggest her to perform Maha-Mrityunjay- Pooja, in a well-known Shiva temple. If possible, in any of the Jyotirlinga temples in India.  These can-do miracles to her ailing health.

[Disclaimer: We at do not support or any political party or individual. We also invite any suggestion on corrections in the above article. Moreover, readers can Contact the author for any consultation]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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