Sri HD Kumaraswamy and his future in Politics


After much of confusion Karnataka election 2018, finally gets their new Chief Minister in the form of Sri: HD Kumaraswamy.

On 23rd May 2018, at 4:30 PM, Sri H.D Kumaraswamy will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The following is the chart with Libra ascendant and Moon in the house of Leo at the time of the ceremony.




Sun, Mercury








Chalit Chart






Mars, Ketu,





Asc, Jupiter (R)

Now in the above chart, the ascendant is a common sign. Slightly better than the dual ascendant as decided for Sri B.S Yeddyurappa. With the above chart, we can see Rahu being placed in the 10th house from the ascendant and it clearly indicates that the actions are purely political and that the political party of Sri H.D Kumaraswamy, J.D (S) have managed to get the numbers on their side. It further suggests that Sri H.D Kumaraswamy has a clear plan for his states and to his political future with the alliance,  Indian National Congress (INC). Therefore, this chart clearly suggests that there will be differences of opinion with the alliance partner, but at the same time, the alliance will last for some time.

Though there will be media speculation, if we analyze the main and sub-period of the above chart, it is clear that the time after 27th July 2018, the difference will be settled. Again, after 12th October 2018, there will be quid pro quo between the ruling alliance. Therefore, the above alliance will have friction but nothing serious to worry until March 2019. Post which, with Rahu moving to the house of common agreement, differences within the alliance is likely. If not careful, then the political alliance may shift their ideology, completely.

Let us also analyse the future of Sri H.D Kumaraswamy’s horoscope chart.

Date of Birth:16th December 1959

Place of Birth: Hassan

Time of Birth: 18:08 PM

Source: Online





Asc, Moon




Sri HD Kumaraswamy

Horoscope chart





Saturn, Sun  

Mercury, Jupiter, Mars


Venus Rahu

Sri HD. Kumaraswamy is presently running the main period of Mercury and sub-period of Saturn. The sub period of Saturn will last till 14th August 2018. In fact, the main period of Mercury is highly auspicious but the sub period of Saturn is not. Sri H.D Kumaraswamy will face multiple challenges until 14th August 2018. Though until the above time and further till 12th October 2018, Jupiter will grace his Rashi and ascendant sign. There will be divine grace to help him. Once he moves to the next main period of Ketu from 15th August 2018, he is out of all the political problems. Though transit of Saturn will be bothersome, which he can easily overcome with little divine grace. In the main period of Ketu, Sri H.D Kumaraswamy will be triumphant in his endeavor and shall be successful in his political career. One may not be surprised to see, he would have a national role to play in the coming years. At least till 2025.

Therefore, if speculations are to be believed that Sri H D Dev Gowda has played a role in getting the present Karnataka alliance stitched, then nothing to get surprised, he has planed well in advance for the future of Sri H.D Kumaraswamy. He will do well as a politician in the coming days.

The only word of caution for him is that there will be much difference of opinion with him as Saturn is presently transiting through the 7th house and then will move to the 8th house. He should also take care of his health and fitness around this time.

[Disclaimer: The author of this post is non-partisan in his view. The above article has been purely analyzed through the prism of astrology. There are no views mentioned above to hurt any political beliefs. Readers are advised to form their own conclusion than to ask the author for more opinion about the post]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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