Sri Narendra Modi

                                                                                           Om Nama Shivaya.

Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan meets PM Modi

Name: Sri Narendra Modi.

Date of Birth: 17th September 1950.

Place of birth: Mehsana.

Source: Online reference.







Rashi Chart




Saturn, Venus

Asc, Mars, Moon  

Mercury, Ketu, Sun



The 14th and the current Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi needs no introduction to the world. The great personality was early the Chief Minister of the state Gujarat, in India and was well known for his administrative ability. The state earned the title as Vibrant Gujarat, purely due to the vision of one person and that is non-other than the serving Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi.

As we all know, the rise of our honourable Prime Minister was not easy. His childhood had many obstacles, but his dedication and hard work brought him to this pedestal. Today, Sri Narendra Modi has inspired millions of common man in our country to dream big and rise high in social status, by serving others. Let us see through the prism of astrology, what made Sri Narendra Modi so loved by the world and how the role of planets has played an important role in his meteoric rise.

Sri Narendra Modi was born in the nakshatra of Anuradha. Moon is in Scorpio.   which is debilitated. His ascended is also Scorpio. The ascended has the placement of Moon and Mars. Mars is in his own house forming a Neecha-Bhanga Raja yog, with debilitated Moon. This means, despite all odds, Sri Narendra Modi has risen like a Phoenix in the world of politics and career. Placement of Mars in the ascendant has also formed, Ruchaka Yoga which is a type of  Pancha-Maha Purusha raj-yog. Add to this, Jupiter and Moon are forming a square in the horoscope of Sri Narendra Modi, which again blesses him with Gaja-Kesari yoga. More to his glory, Saturn (lord of 4th house) and Venus (lord of 7th house) in the 10th house of career and status. Taking Sri Narendra Modi to new heights and finally, Sun and Mercury in the 11th house of gains forming an excellent Budha-Aditya yoga.  No wonder Sri Narendra Modi become the Chief Minister of Gujarat around 2001 when he was running Venus Mahadasha. During Sun Mahadasha, his fame reached a new height. Finally, during Moon mahadasha, Sri Narendra Modi was sworn in as the 14th Prime Minister of India. Truly, our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi is blessed with various yogas and his fame, sincerity and capability will see a rise on daily basis.

May the almighty give him good health and fortune to accomplish many unfinished tasks.



[Disclaimer: The birth details are from online sourse]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....