Stock market on 15th March

Stock Market daily

Om Nama Shivaya

Thiti Tryodashi 17:20 PM Paksha Krishna
Chaturdashi Full night
Nakshatra Dhanishta 17:10 PM Yoga Siddha 21:50 PM
Karna Vanij 17:20 PM Day Thursday
Vishti 29:54 PM

– The Nifty market will see slow pick up of demand.

– This trend will last till 10:45 AM in the morning.  Selling will dominate then

– Post which buying take center stage. But the party may not last long.

– After 12:45 PM, selling pressure will be high.

– Some consolidation will be seen after 12:00 Noon.

– Nifty Market will close in Red towards the closing session.

[Disclaimer: The above readings are purely astrological. Readers are requested to consult their personal advisor and then take positions in the Market. Action based on the above readings will be purely at the reader’s risk]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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