Stock market on 3rd January

Stock Market daily

Om Nama Shivaya

Thiti Dvitiya 24:38 PM Paksha Krishna
Nakshatra Punarvasu 08:48: AM Yoga Vaidhriti 20:50 PM
Pyusha 30:06 PM
Karna Tetil 14:20 PM Day Wednesday
Gar 24: 38 PM

– The day will see some selling initially.

– The demand side will be dominant after 10:00 AM.

– Nifty Markets see down and upswings.

–  Profits will take centre stage after 11:30 AM.

– But this will be only till 13:00 PM. Then again demand will be dominant.

– Nifty Markets will see some profit booking towards selling bell across sectors.

[Disclaimer: The above readings are purely astrological. Readers are requested to consult their personal advisor and then take positions in the Market. Action based on the above readings will be purely at the reader’s risk]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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