Stock Market Prediction for the month of December 2017

                                                                       Om Nama Shivaya

Stock Market

The month of December 2017 will see a mixed reaction in the stock market. In the first ten days, you will see the Metals space, electrical and home appliances along with construction-related stocks showing great interest towards the upward movement. Buying space will be high. Strategic tie-ups cannot be ruled out. This will bring more money into the stock market.

The only caution is the entire month is not favourable for BFSI. Severe correction of BFSI space cannot be ruled out. Markets can see correction space until 24th December 2017. Post which, buying at lower levels in BFSI space will be seen. Investors are advised to take a call accordingly.

Around the mid of December 2017, approx. after 16th December 2017, Large-cap stocks will turn out to be market darling. More and more buying will be seen. Values will turn attractive and this will push the stocks upward.

Money flow in the markets will be high. Profit booking and correction will balance out the markets around the same time. All long-term investment will be profitable. But sector-specific investments will sweeten the deal.

[Disclimer: The above prediction is merely an indicative reading. Based on Planetary movement the above readings are provided. Readers are advised to consult their personal advisor to act in the market, accordingly]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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